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Veterinary Technician

Mindy grew up playing “veterinary hospital” with her best friend, Dr. Kristin Brand. As fate would have it, they now work together in the real-world animal care field! Mindy serves as one of Richmond Veterinary Clinic’s Veterinary Technicians and simply couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Mindy grew up in McHenry, Illinois. Her veterinary career began in Long Grove, where she worked as a Technician for 10 years before joining the Richmond Veterinary Clinic team in late 2012. Mindy’s favorite part of the job is the fun factor—her day is full of excitement on a daily basis!

At home, Mindy has two dogs: Norman, a Golden retriever who enjoys showing off, and lab mix Murphy, who Mindy received from her grandmother.

Traveling is one of Mindy’s great passions outside of the veterinary care world. She’s also fond of playing softball, running, snow skiing, water skiing, and walking her dogs.

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Veterinary Technician

Katie grew up with many animals in the house, and actively participated in 4H as a kid. In high school, she heard about the veterinary technician field and knew instantly it was the perfect fit for her!

Katie was raised in Round Lake Beach, Illinois, then moved to Wisconsin at the age of 14. She attended the Madison Area Technical College after high school, receiving her veterinary technician’s certification in 1999. She worked at three different clinics before joining the compassionate team at Richmond Veterinary Clinic in early 2015. Here, she loves working alongside the fun-loving care team and using her honed technical skills to draw blood and place IV lines.

Katie and her husband, Mike, have three wonderful children named Claire, Caitlin, and Troy. They also share their home with two dogs: Maggie, a Labrador who babysits the kids when they play outdoors, and Candy Kane, a rescued collie.

Katie and her family enjoy taking trips to northern Wisconsin, where they visit relatives, ride four-wheelers, and hike. Katie is also an avid gardener and plants both flowers and vegetables when the weather allows.

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Veterinary Technician

Tina used to work in the human medical field. After a while, she wanted a change of scenery while still being able to work with the science that fascinated her. Since she’d always wanted to serve as a voice for animals, Tina decided to become a Veterinary Technician!

Tina came to work at Richmond Veterinary Clinic nearly 13 years ago. She particularly enjoys performing dental cleanings; seeing the transformation of a pet’s mouth is the ultimate reward! Tina also enjoys taking X-rays and performing physical exams.

Tina and her husband, Chuck, have three children named Robert, Amber, and Sarah. The family has plenty of pets, including nine dogs, three cats, three horses, a pair of bearded dragons, a tortoise, and several fish.

Most of Tina’s spare time is spent around animals—she does a lot of dog training in the warmer months, and also is active in raccoon rehabilitation. When not at work or with her family, Tina loves spending time with her dogs and horses.

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Veterinary Technician

When Jill started as a kennel attendant in a local animal hospital at the age of 14, it was just a job for her. Over time, though, it developed into a true calling and Jill’s life-long career! Now she serves pets and their owners every day as one of Richmond Veterinary Clinic’s Veterinary Technicians.

Jill grew up in the suburbs of Illinois. Her veterinary journey began at an Arlington Hills animal hospital, where she learned everything from receptionist work to veterinary technician duties. 27 years later, she couldn’t imagine doing anything else!

Lab work is one of Jill’s favorite aspects of her work as a veterinary technician. She also enjoys radiographs, and using her skills to save a pet in an emergency is extremely rewarding.

Jill and her husband have a young son and share their home with three cats: Butterscotch, Diesel, and Clutch. When she isn’t spending time with her family or caring for pets around the clinic, Jill enjoys fishing with her father, camping, and hiking.

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Veterinary Technician

Julie was first inspired to work with animals when her family visited Disney World’s Animal Kingdom. Watching the veterinary team there care for an injured pelican made Julie realize that she would love to care for pets herself! Now she’s a Certified Veterinary Technician here at Richmond Veterinary Clinic.

Julie was born in Long Island, New York, and moved to Illinois in 1989. Her animal care career began when she worked in a shelter and then a boxer rescue. She then attended Rockford Career College, graduating and passing her board examinations in 2008 to become a Veterinary Technician. Julie came to Richmond Veterinary Clinic that same year after completing her externship right here at the hospital.

Julie and her husband Christopher recently welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Naomi, into the world. The family shares their home with four dogs—Jackie, Molly, Tri, and Bazinga—as well as four cats named K.C., Baby Girl, Lennie, and Wu.

When she isn’t working, caring for her family, or spending time with her dogs, Julie enjoys camping, hiking, kayaking, and staying active in her church.

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Veterinary Assistant

Before she became a Kennel Technician here at Richmond Veterinary Clinic, Jamie and her family were clients at the hospital for 20 years! Having the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of animals makes Jamie’s job the most rewarding one she’s ever had.

Jamie grew up in Spring Grove, Illinois with her parents and two older sisters. After graduating high school, Jamie earned her Associate’s degree at community college while deciding what field to pursue. Many people who knew that Jamie had a passion for animals encouraged her to look into the veterinary field, so she applied here at the clinic. She knew instantly she’d made the right move! Soon, Jamie will be attending Veterinary Technician school at Rockford Career College.

At home, Jamie and her family keep three pets: Payton is a German shepherd, Dakota is a Siberian husky, and Bandit is a tabby cat who keeps both dogs on their toes. Outside of her duties at the clinic, Jamie enjoys wakeboarding, taking walks with her dogs, and snowmobiling.

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Veterinary Technician

Angie grew up with her family in Wonder Lake, Illinois, where she was surrounded by pets from day one. She had everything from dogs and cats to fish, birds, hamsters, and chinchillas! It wasn’t hard for Angie to develop a passion for pet care early on in life—she hasn’t looked back since.

Angie was only 15 years old when she started working part-time at a pet shop while also putting in hours at her father’s chiropractic office. She started volunteering with a local shelter, then left her job at the pet store to accept a management position at a larger facility.

After the family chiropractic business closed their doors, Angie decided to continue pursuing veterinary medicine full-time. That’s when she joined the Richmond Veterinary Clinic team—she’s been a Veterinary Technician with the hospital family since April of 2017 and couldn’t be happier.

Angie and her husband have two wonderful children and share their lives with two dogs, Sadie and Dublin, as well as four cats: Kali, Chief, Sonny, and Blaze. When she isn’t tending to pets’ needs here at the clinic or spending time with her family and animal companions at home, Angie enjoys gardening in her backyard and crocheting. She’s made countless blankets, gloves, scarves, and hats, and even crafted a stuffed turtle for her nephew!

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Veterinary Technician

Stacey spent part of her childhood growing up on a 300-acre dairy farm. There, animal care was a natural part of life—Stacey enjoyed the company of everything from cows, horses, and pigs to chickens, rabbits, a goat, and even a chinchilla! Getting to work with pets hands-on in a medical capacity is a dream come true for her; Stacey is proud to serve as one of Richmond Veterinary Clinic’s Veterinary Technicians.

Stacey started her veterinary career as a front-desk receptionist before transitioning into Assistant work several years later. After three years, she decided to move closer to home—that’s when she joined the team here at Richmond Veterinary Clinic. Stacey has a particular fondness for dental cleaning procedures, and never tires of the before-and-after pictures. She also likes puppy appointments and educating the area’s pet owners on great care techniques.

Outside of her interests in the veterinary world, Stacey is an avid fisher and hunter, and even participated in multiple Walleye-fishing tournaments over the years. She also loves spending time with her son, Wyatt, her daughter, Kaitlynn, and the family pets. Stacey and her children share their home with a puppy named Willow, two lazy lizards named Sam and Izzy, and a tank-full of fish.

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Before coming to work here, Lyn had been a client at Richmond Veterinary Clinic for nearly nine years. When she heard that the hospital was looking for part-time help at the front desk, it was as if a lightbulb went off for Lyn! She jumped at the chance to work for an establishment she had always entrusted with her own pets’ care over the years.

Lyn grew up in Lindenhurst, Illinois. After managing a chiropractic office, Lyn became the manager of an Oral Surgery practice in Lake Forest, a position she held for almost 10 years. She started here at Richmond Veterinary Clinic in the spring of 2006, shortly after her first daughter was born.

Hearing clients’ acupuncture success stories is one Lyn’s favorite parts of her workday—perhaps this is because her own previous Labrador had great success with the procedure! For Lyn, seeing a pet owner’s face light up when their animal walks out comfortably is extremely gratifying.

Lyn and her husband Jeff have been married for nearly 20 years. They have a young daughter, Brie, and share their home with three pets: a rescued Lab mix named Chance, a rescued tabby tiger cat named Stewie, and Bugsy the dwarf rabbit.

Outside of work, Lyn loves spending time with her family, scrapbooking, decorating, and being a mom. She helps out at Brie’s school one day a week and also gives the PTO a little help whenever she can.

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Kennel Technician

Melanie wanted to work with animals to make an impact in the lives of pets. If she can improve even a small part of their day, she knows she’s been successful! Melanie is excited to begin her journey in the animal care world here at Richmond Veterinary Clinic.

Melanie grew up in Ingleside, Illinois and moved to Richmond at the age of seven. When a family friend and clinic employee—who happened to know that Melanie had a passion for animal care—let her know that an opening was available here at the hospital, Melanie jumped at the chance to submit an application. Three months later, in July of 2011, she was hired! Soaking up knowledge from the veterinarians and technicians around her is one of Melanie’s favorite things to do during her workday, and she especially enjoys getting to sit in on surgeries.

At home, Melanie and her family have three cats: Jay Jay, Jasmine, and Angel. When she has free time, Melanie enjoys singing, horseback riding, painting and drawing, watching movies, and spending time with family and friends.

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