Are you worried that your pet may be feeling sick or have become injured in some way?

When people aren’t feeling well, they visit their doctor, explain the situation and receive the appropriate treatment. With our pets, on the other hand, it’s not always this straightforward. Besides the fact that pets can’t talk, they’re also pretty good at masking the signs of illness. That’s why it’s so important that we are able to examine them thoroughly, both inside and out.

Veterinary diagnostics allow us to uncover health problems quickly and treat them in the most timely and effective manner. At Richmond Veterinary Clinic, we utilize a wide range of diagnostics to better serve our patients.


Many ailments that can affect companion animals can be detected through laboratory tests, such as blood work and urinalysis. Our hospital features a convenient in-house lab in which our doctors can run a wide variety of tests. The ability to conduct these analyses right in our clinic is particularly beneficial in cases where a timely and accurate diagnosis is critical. In many instances, we can have results for you in mere minutes, facilitating a faster and more aggressive treatment plan.

Diagnostic Imaging

For those injuries and illnesses that cannot be detected through lab work, we also offer advanced imaging services. These technologies, including digital radiology (x-ray) and ultrasound, provide our doctors the ability to see what’s happening inside your pet’s body. Best of all, they are painless and non-invasive, which is much safer for your loved one. We use our imaging tools to evaluate the status of the bones and internal organs. Ultrasound can also be used to confirm and monitor pregnancy.


In the event that the opinion of a specialist is recommended, our advanced diagnostics provide the ideal solution. We can share the images captured via x-ray or ultrasound instantly through email. Results of certain laboratory tests can also be shared electronically. This allows us to ensure that your pet will receive continuous, quality care at all times.

If you’re concerned that your pet may be sick or injured, don’t wait another moment. Trust the team at Richmond Veterinary Clinic to get the situation under control, quickly and competently. Call today to book a diagnostic evaluation.