Wellness & Vaccinations

Want to know the secret to helping your pet stay healthy for many years to come?

At Richmond Veterinary Clinic, we will be here for you whenever your pet isn’t feeling well. Ideally, however, we’d like to take the steps necessary to prevent that illness from occurring in the first place. The best way to accomplish this goal is through regular wellness care. Preventative measures can protect your pet from many common health risks. Routine checkups and health screenings allow us to identify and address potential medical concerns early, before they become serious problems for you and your pet.

Renowned scholar Desiderius Erasmus once said, “Prevention is better than cure.” At Richmond Veterinary Clinic, we live by this concept. We believe that the more steps we take to proactively manage your pet’s health, the more he or she will benefit. That’s why prevention is such a big part of routine wellness care. Vaccinations, parasite control, nutrition and weight management can all prolong your companion’s life and make the quality of that extra time even better.

Another important component of wellness care is early detection. Try as we may, your pet may still experience certain health problems during his or her life. The goal of wellness care is to allow us to recognize the signs of these issues early, when they’re easy and affordable to treat. In most cases, animals can still enjoy long, fulfilling lives even with medical conditions, provided we address them in a timely and effective manner.

The wellness care at Richmond Veterinary Clinic includes all of this and so much more. Annual checkups begin with a comprehensive physical exam, followed by a customized preventative health care plan. Regular screenings, such as blood work, will be performed to help us stay on top of your pet’s health status. We’ll also use these visits to establish a rapport with your pet. The more comfortable we feel interacting with each other, the higher level of care we will be able to provide.

We offer general wellness care for animals of all ages, with special packages designed to suit certain life stages. This includes puppy and kitten wellness, as well as adult and senior plans. Each package features all of the services your pet will need to avoid illness and truly thrive.

Give your companion the best opportunity at a long, happy and vibrant life. Call today to get started!