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John JohnsonJohn Johnson

Dr. Kristin Brand is one of the most compassionate people around!! Thank you and EVERYONE at the clinic for all you do

Patricia MirsPatricia Mirs

Dr. Brand and her staff are top notch. I have had many foster dogs and my own who are geriatric and she has added months and months of quality of life living to these old dogs. She gave my Scouty 8months to his life through her innovative treatments. She and the staff handle my super shy adopted girl like she was their own. I can’t say enough positive things about Richmond Vet Clinic.

Jodie Lytner TreptowJodie Lytner Treptow

Dr. Brand and her staff treat all their little clients like family. The love at Richmond Vet is over the top wonderful!! I wouldn’t take my pups anywhere else!!!

Adam KieferAdam Kiefer

Dr. Brand and her staff are some of the kindest, most caring and compassionate people I have ever met. They went so far above and beyond, to help us with our cat smokey, in ways that no other animal clinic would have. They truly care for the pets and the people who own them. The clinic is a bit of a drive from where we live, but I will not ever take my pets anywhere else again. I'm so thankful to have become in touch with Dr. Brand and her clinic, and I don't feel I could ever thank them enough for the ways they helped us!

Pamela Sue Hagstrom-BurmeisterPamela Sue Hagstrom-Burmeister

Dr Brand is the best The compassion and understanding and love for all animals is outstanding !!!

Rose RostkowskiRose Rostkowski

This office and the staff are amazing, I’m so happy to have them close to home ❤️ They take such great care of Brew.

Patti MayPatti May

I am a 20 year client. I love this clinic. They care so much about the health of your animal. Really a great team!!!

Amy LaytonAmy Layton

We Love Dr. Brand and everyone at the Richmond Veterinary Clinic! We have been going there for over 5 years. They are always accommodating and extremely caring.

Kathy Malone-BossKathy Malone-Boss

Awesome veterinary place! All the doctors are outstanding as well as the support staff. Dr. Brand has been caring for my babies for years and is very compassionate.

Erin AshleyErin Ashley

Richmond Vet is Phenomenal! We have been bringing our dog to Dr. Brand for a few years and she truly treats him like her own. Her staff is excellent as well. They are so easy to work with and are very accommodating with appointments. Dr. Brand genuinely cares about her patients and goes above and beyond. We highly recommend Richmond Vet!!!

Maureen LeonardMaureen Leonard

I had my dog treated at Richmond Vet Clinic recently and the vet technicians were so wonderful and accommodating. Dr. Brand is by far the best vet around and I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone! Your pets are treated like they are their pets!

Paula SkweresPaula Skweres

Dr. Brand and the rest of the staff at Richmond Veterinary Clinic are the best! She is kind, compassionate, thorough, explains everything very well and always has the best interest of your pet in mind. My favorite question is "if this was your dog what would you do" and she always answers me honestly. They treat our pets like one of their family.
Also love the fact that she integrates holistic medicine with Western medicine. They do acupuncture, use Chinese herbs, supplements and other to compliment the treatment of your pet

Elizabeth FreemanElizabeth Freeman

Richmond Veterinary Clinic gets 5 stars for compassion and care. I called them with a very unique, serious need and they were incredibly accommodating. They didn't know me at all and they went above and beyond to meet my needs. They squeezed my appointment into their busy schedule and were thoughtful and patient in the care they gave my very ill dog. From the receptionist, to the technician, to the doctor, all were kind and gentle in their treatment. I have very high standards when it comes to caring for my furry family members and Richmond Veterinary Clinic exceeded all of my expectations.

Sandy Sund PaulySandy Sund Pauly

We are so grateful for the kindness Dr. Brand and Tina displayed when they came out to the house last night to help our Indy girl become an angel!
We were so devastated but they showed such great compassion and turned the hardest time into a beautiful moment.
Thank you for all you did for Indy throughout her life, and for the being there with us at the end- we are forever grateful💕

Ellen HogelEllen Hogel

It's never easy to switch doctors for yourself, let alone switching doctors for your fur family, but after a long search and a very HIGH recommendation, we took the plunge and made an appt. We could not be any happier with our experience and the care they took in seeing our dogs. Our tech, Tina, was amazing! Loved on our pups as if they were her own. Dr Fox was very thourough and very helpful in some specialized needs we have for one of our dogs. We feel thankful to have such a kind and caring veternarian team right in our community!

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