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7 Simple Ways to Pamper Your Cat

March 1 2019

Cats are very special creatures. They have a special way of keeping us laughing with their playful antics, and can melt our hearts with their cute meows and loving cuddles. Fluffy is also an easy keeper, though she does love to be pampered. If you want to spoil your furball, read on. In this article, a local McHenry, IL vet offers tips on how to pamper your feline friend.


Cats are super cute, but these adorable little furballs are actually fierce predators in the wild. Attacking toys is a fun way for your cat to unleash her inner huntress. This will also help keep her in shape, and ward off kitty boredom. Provide your cute pet with lots of fun toys.

Window Seat

When Fluffy is actually awake, she’ll need something to do. Give your kitty a comfy window seat in a spot with a good view, so she can watch birds and squirrels.


You’ve probably noticed that our feline pals are quite tired. Fluffy can sleep up to 20 hours a day! Set out lots of beds for your drowsy furball.

Veterinary Care

Proper veterinary care will help keep your feline friend in good health. This will of course play a huge role in her overall happiness. Ask your vet to recommend an appointment schedule for your four-legged buddy.

Kitty Purrniture

Kitties aren’t exactly shy about using our furniture, but they really do enjoy having things that were made specifically to suit their needs. Get Fluffy a few things she can have all to herself. Cat towers are great, as they offer jungle gyms, napping spots, lookout points, and nail-care stations.

Safe Plants

We strongly advise keeping cats safe and sound indoors. However, you can give your kitty a taste of nature. Set out some pet-safe plants for Fluffy to hide behind and nibble on. The ASPCA has a great list of nontoxic plants here.


The best way to keep your kitty’s motor running is to simply offer her lots of TLC. Fluffy will be happiest if she feels loved and safe. Spend time with your pet! Talk to her, pet her, play with her, and just pay attention to her.

Please feel free to contact us, your local McHenry, IL vet clinic, if ever we can be of assistance. We are dedicated to offering great veterinary care!