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  • Hydrotherapy


Could your furry family member benefit from hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is a state-of-the-art rehabilitation technique that is safely and widely used in both humans as well as companion animals. It is a natural, non-invasive way to help pets recover from surgery, heal from injuries, achieve long-lasting pain relief, and even help your pet drop a few extra pounds. At Richmond Veterinary Clinic, we are thrilled to offer hydrotherapy as part of our comprehensive suite of therapeutic services.

How does hydrotherapy work?

As its name implies, hydrotherapy leverages the buoyancy of water to help reduce the burden on weight-bearing joints. Through the use of a unique underwater treadmill, patients can participate in physical therapy and agility exercises while partially submerged in water. Utilizing this strategy helps to reduce swelling, improve circulation, strengthen muscles and accelerate tissue healing. 

Who is hydrotherapy for?

Hydrotherapy can be used on almost any animal that is experiencing physical discomfort. It is most frequently applied in cases where a pet:

  • Suffers from arthritis and other painful joint conditions
  • Is struggling with a muscle or nerve disease or injury 
  • Needs to lose weight
  • Is experiencing post-operative or post-trauma pain 
  • Is dealing with age-related and/or debilitating conditions

What does a hydrotherapy session entail?

Most dogs respond quite positively to hydrotherapy, particularly those who enjoy the water. Our experienced staff works one-on-one with each patient, helping them to become comfortable and setting them at ease. The frequency and duration of hydrotherapy sessions will ultimately depend on your companion’s unique circumstances. Likewise, the exercises performed will be tailored to each patient’s specific needs. 

Wondering if hydrotherapy might be a good option for your furry friend? Contact Richmond Veterinary Clinic today to schedule a consultation.