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  • Our pets are not just critters that live in our homes. They are our greatest supporters and our most loyal fans. They are the keepers of our secrets and providers of unconditional love. Our pets are our family, and when it comes to those we love, we only want the very best.

    At Richmond Veterinary Clinic, a Fox Lake veterinarian, we strive to deliver all of the care necessary to support your best friend’s life and longevity. We believe that involves taking a balanced approach that treats your pet as a whole – body, mind and spirit. We’re proud to provide holistic veterinary care that integrates the best of Western medicine and technology with alternative methods.

    Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite 2019 WinnerWe also understand that going to the vet might make your pet uneasy. We’re trying to change that by individualizing our care. Some animals love an enthusiastic presence while others appreciate a more relaxed demeanor. We take our cue from our patients and react in a way that makes them feel most comfortable.

    From our friendly, knowledgeable staff to our robust treatment options to the personal way we interact with our patients, you’ll feel the difference. We believe these little details add up to a positive experience. Come see what this Fox Lake & McHenry vet is all about!