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Autumn Care for Pet Birds

October 15 2020

Pet birds generally stay inside, but they aren’t completely immune to seasonal changes. Autumn brings a few concerns for bird owners to be aware of. A Fox Lake, IL vet offers some tips on keeping Polly happy, healthy, and safe in autumn below.


As soon as the weather cools, people start turning on furnaces and lighting up fireplaces. This pushes a lot of dust and fumes into the air. Fall also brings a lot of mold, mildew, dust, and pollen. This is a serious issue for birds, as they have such delicate lungs. We recommend cleaning your furnace and air ducts, and getting a good air purifier.

Seasonal Decorations

We know, scented candles are a popular seasonal decoration. Unfortunately, that pumpkin or vanilla candle could make your adorable little pet very sick. Don’t use candles and potpourri burners in rooms Polly has access to.

Respiratory Issues

It’s not uncommon for birds to get respiratory infections at this time of year. Watch for warning signs. Some common ones include mucus, sunken eyes, clogged or swollen ceres, and/or breathing trouble. Polly may also move, act, or vocalize in an uncharacteristic manner. Call your vet immediately if you notice anything amiss.

Behavioral Changes

The shorter days trigger hormonal changes in some of our feathered friends. Some birds, such as cockatiels, conures, and Amazon parrots, become very focused on reproduction. Your winged buddy may act up a bit, and could misinterpret an affectionate pet or scratch. One thing that can help is to try to just pet Polly’s head and cheek, rather than her back or sides. Do some research into Polly’s breed, to help determine if this is something you need to be aware of. Your vet can also provide more information.


Like any other animal, birds need proper grooming. However, Polly’s feathers can take time to dry. It’s very easy for birds to get chilly when they’re wet. Time your colorful pet’s baths so that she’ll have a warm, sunny spot to dry off in.

Seasonal Items

Halloween candies are another issue. Many of those sugary treats contain things that aren’t safe for birds, such as chocolates. Shiny wrappers and decorations may also attract your pet’s attention. Keep these things in spots where Polly can’t reach them.

Do you have questions about your pet bird’s health or care? Contact us, your Fox Lake, IL vet clinic, anytime.