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Caring For A Super Senior Pet

July 15 2022

Is your pet entering her golden age? Pets age like people… slowly for a while, then suddenly all at once. Fido and Fluffy will never stop being the cute and cuddly companions they always have, and they will always be puppies or kittens. However, their needs change over time. Once your pet reaches this geriatric stage, they will become what some of us like to call super-senior. A local vet offers some tips for caring for your faithful companion in this article.


Older pets often have quite sensitive stomachs. They will find it more difficult to eat fatty foods and may also experience abdominal pain from changing their diet too quickly. Some dogs and cats will benefit from special supplements and/or foods. You may also need to reduce portions or switch brands to help prevent obesity. Ask your vet for recommendations.


Just like humans, senior pets tend to slow down with age. Fido might get tired after walking around the yard, while Fluffy might limp after a couple of half-jumping jumps. You don’t want your pet to become a couch potato: you just need to find the right balance. Ask your veterinarian for advice on this.


Proper grooming will help your furry best friend. This will vary by animal, but in general you will need to brush Fido and Fluffy regularly and bathe them as needed. Dogs may need to trim their nails more often.


Loss of control is not uncommon in older animals. It is definitely something to contact your vet! In some cases, it can be treated. For others, it could be a sign of a bigger problem. Urinary pads and mattress covers can help prevent messes. You may also need to clean your pet to avoid burns.

Sight / Hearing

Fido and Fluffy sometimes have impaired vision and hearing. Pets can still live full and happy lives if they lose some of their sensory inputs. You may need to make some minor adjustments, such as increasing pet protection. Ask your veterinarian for more information.


Make the most of the precious time you have left to spend with your beloved pet. Take extra care of Fido and Fluffy and provide them with necessary amenities, like soft beds, pet ramps, and night lights. After years of love and loyalty, your four-legged friend deserves to feel safe and comfortable during this special time.

Do you have questions about your superiors? Please feel free to contact us, your local animal clinic in McHenry, IL!