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And Meow, A Word From Your Cat

May 15 2016

Does your feline friend talk to you? Kitties have many charming qualities, but their meows are definitely one of the cutest. In this article, a Fox Lake, IL veterinarian discusses some interesting aspects of the cat’s meow.

The History Of The Meow

We’ve been friends with Fluffy for thousands of years. At first, cats earned their keep by hunting vermin, but it probably didn’t take our feline friends very long to realize that meowing is an extremely effective way of convincing us to feed them. It’s hard to resist those adorable pleas! It’s probably no coincidence that kitty meows often sound like the cries of hungry human babies. Not surprisingly, these clever furballs have perfected the exact sound that is most likely to tug at our heartstrings.


Apparently, our feline friends have us pretty well trained: most of the time, kitties only meow at us when they want something. Fluffy may speak up when she wants attention, or to let you know she got her favorite catnip toy stuck under the couch again. She might also give a cute meow of protest if you move her mid-nap. Your furry little diva may also talk to let you know she wants dinner right meow!

Talkative Furballs

Just like people, cats all have their own personalities. Some of our feline buddies are very talkative, while others only meow on occasion. Fluffy’s breed can play a significant role in her vocalization patterns. Some breeds, like the Maine Coon and Siamese, are extremely talkative, and communicate with their owners constantly. Others, like the Cornish Rex, just don’t have very much to say.


Did you know that adult cats rarely meow at one another? It turns out, Fluffy usually only talks to her human servants. Kittens often meow at their mothers, but this usually tapers off once they are weaned. And while adult cats do sometimes hiss or growl at each other, they mostly communicate through body language.

Conversational Kitties

Do you have a chatty cat on your hands? Try playing this game with your talkative pet: when Fluffy meows, mimic the sound as closely as you can. It can be fun to see how long you can keep the conversation going!

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