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Fluffy’s New Year’s Resolutions

January 1 2018

Happy New Year! As we leave 2017 behind and head into 2018, many people are setting personal goals for the coming year. If you have a kitty, your cute pet will stay right by your side—or on your lap—during the new year, and may supervise your closely as you make your resolutions. In fact, Fluffy may even have a few goals of her own! Here, a McHenry, IL vet lists some of our feline pals’ resolutions.

Catch The Red Dot

Fluffy has been trying to catch the red dot from a laser pointer for years, but still hasn’t managed to nap her elusive prey. Maybe 2018 will be the year she finally manages to get that mysterious moving dot! Take time every day to play with your kitty. Even if your frisky pet never catches her quarry, the activity and stimulation will be great for her.

Get More Sleep

Fluffy works very hard on her napping skills, and can sleep up to 20 hours a day. Your tired pet may try to catch even more Z’s this year. Help your kitty out by making sure she has plenty of comfy beds and napping spots to choose from.


Cats are certainly very flexible little furballs. Actually, Fluffy is somehow able to sleep in configurations usually associated with pretzels! Your kitty may try a few new napping positions this year.

Stay Fit

Your furball may want to spend more time pouncing, jumping, and running this year than she did in 2017. Help your pet achieve this goal by offering her lots of toys, and taking time to play with her every day. A cat tower would make a great present!


We strongly recommend that kitties live indoors, where they are protected from outdoor dangers like cars, predators, and weather. However, your adventurous pet will still manage to explore her domain a bit more, perhaps by checking out cabinets, closets, and other nooks and crannies.


If there’s one thing cats are good at—aside from sleeping and looking cute—it’s cuddling. Fluffy may want to spend a good chunk of 2018 curled up on your lap, getting cuddles and ear scritches.

Happy New Year! Please contact us, your local McHenry, IL pet hospital, if we can ever be of assistance. We look forward to providing your pet with excellent care in 2018 and beyond.