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If Cats Had Thumbs Day

March 1 2018

Did you know that there’s a special pet holiday coming up? March 3rd is If Pets Had Thumbs Day. While your kitty would no doubt prefer to celebrate Hug Your Cat Day again, it can be pretty amusing to think about what our feline pals would do if they suddenly grew opposable thumbs. A Fox Lake, IL vet lists a few suggestions below.

Let Herself In And Out

It’s probably safe to say that the first thing Fluffy would do if she had thumbs would be to let herself out. And then back in. And then out again.

Empty All Cupboards And Drawers

Kitties are very curious, and like to explore small spaces. Actually, Fluffy is, well, a bit nosy. Your feline pal may very well open every cupboard and drawer in the house, and toss the contents onto the floor.

Open All The Cans

Fluffy would probably waste no time in figuring out how to open all of her food . . . and probably yours as well. She may also remove the labels from all of your cans.

Throw Out The Car Keys

While Fido often loves going for drives, Fluffy seems to think of car rides as a special kind of torture. Your furball may very well throw your car keys away!

Lock The Dog Out

While Fluffy may be thrilled to suddenly have the freedom to come and go at will, she may not be quite that generous with her canine roommate. In fact, your furry little friend may very well decide to lock the dog out of the house entirely!

Adjust The Thermostat

Cats love finding warm, cozy places to snuggle up in. Your drowsy feline may immediately turn the heat up!

Open The Fish Tank

Do you have a fish tank? Fluffy would likely make short work of opening the tank! Birdcages would likely also be fair game.

Cancel Appointments

Although coming to see us is definitely in your pet’s best interests, many of our feline patients would rather be napping. Your kitty may very well cancel her next appointment!

Use A Nail File

Kitties have a strong, instinctive urge to take care of their claws. Fluffy might just teach herself to use a manicure set!

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