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Your Dog’s Veterinary Care Needs

May 15 2018

Is your canine buddy overdue for a trip to the vet? While Fido would probably rather play a game of Fetch, take a walk, or enjoy a nice nap, proper veterinary care is very important to his health and well-being. Your dog’s veterinary care needs will change a little bit as he grows, however. Here, a Fox Lake, IL vet discusses your canine pal’s veterinary care needs.


When your four-legged buddy is just a puppy, he’ll need to visit us a few times. We recommend that all dogs be microchipped and spayed or neutered while they are still young. A thorough exam is also in order, as are basic vaccinations. You’ll want to get little Fido started on parasite control as well. We also like to check and make sure our canine patients’ tails wag properly, so we offer puppies extra ear scritches. Ask your vet for specific care tips, including nutritional, grooming, and activity recommendations.

Adult Pooches

Once Fido is fully grown, the focus of his veterinary appointments should be on wellness care. Keeping up with your pet’s exams, vaccinations, and parasite control products will keep your furry buddy looking and feeling good. Dental exams should also be on the agenda. Don’t be shy about asking for updated advice on your canine companion’s diet and care needs. That’s what we’re here for!

Senior Pets

As Fido enters his golden years, his needs will change a bit. Your furry pal will slow down, and his care regimen should be more focused on keeping him comfortable than on exercise and stimulation. Your vet may recommend more frequent appointments. Regular exams make it much more likely that changes which could indicate a developing health issue will be caught early. There are also many treatment options available now to help pooches with hip dysplasia, arthritis, and other health troubles.


No matter how old your pup is, it’s important to watch for potential signs of sickness. Some common ones are lethargy, lack of appetite, limping, swelling, vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, and reduced interest in play. Contact your vet right away if you notice anything amiss. Early detection and treatment are always beneficial when treating health issues in pets.

Do you need to book an appointment for Fido? Please contact us, your Fox Lake, IL pet hospital, for all of your dog’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!