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Happy Healthy Cat Month

September 1 2017

Did you know that September is Happy Healthy Cat Month? Although for us every month is Happy, Healthy Cat Month, this is a great time to talk about caring for our feline pals, and offer tips on keeping your kitty purring and content. Read on as a McHenry, IL vet offers tips on keeping your furball happy and healthy.


Make sure your feline friend is eating good, nutritious food. Don’t let that furry face and adorable meows trick you into overfeeding your pet. Even eating just a few extra calories a day can cause your kitty to quickly pack on pounds! Ask your vet for specific nutritional advice.


Fluffy prefers her personal powder room to be kept nice and clean. Scoop the litterbox out daily, and change the litter every week. If you have more than one cat, you’ll need one box per kitty, plus at least one extra.

Veterinary Care

Although Fluffy’s veterinary care needs will depend on her age and health, most kitties need to come in at least once a year. Ask your vet to recommend a suitable schedule for appointments. At home, watch for signs of sickness, and contact your vet right away if you notice anything amiss.

Kitty Comforts

It doesn’t take much to turn the average home into a luxury palace for kitties. Set out lots of comfy beds, so Fluffy has several options to pick from at naptime. Your furball will also need lots of fun toys, which will provide her with exercise, stimulation, and entertainment. Last but not least, offer your feline buddy a suitable nail care station, as well as some cat furniture.

Preventing Kitty Boredom

Fluffy should have access to at least one spot with a good view, where she can spy on birds and squirrels and daydream about being a fierce predator. We also recommend taking time to play with your furry buddy every day.

Love and Cuddles

In order for Fluffy to truly thrive, she will need to feel loved, and perhaps a bit pampered. Talk to your pet, brush her, and offer her plenty of attention and ear scritches. You’ll be repaid with kitty love, snuggles, and purrs, which are all truly precious gifts in our book.

Do you have questions about your cat’s health or care? Contact us, your local McHenry, IL animal clinic, today. We are here to help!