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6 Ways to Keep Your Kitten Healthy

September 15 2018

Are you adopting a kitten? Congratulations! Baby felines are almost impossibly cute. They’re also a bit of a handful! Little Fluffy is sure to keep you smiling with her adorable antics. However, being a kitten parent isn’t all cuddles and purrs. Kittens are very tiny and vulnerable, and can get sick or injured quite easily. Here, a Fox Lake, IL vet discusses keeping your tiny furball healthy.

Offer Good Food

Proper nutrition is important for all cats, but it’s particularly crucial for baby felines, as they grow so quickly. Offer Fluffy a high-quality kitten food. Ask your vet for recommendations.

Visit The Vet

Your pet will need to come in a few times during her first year. We recommend that kittens be microchipped and spayed or neutered before they reach sexual maturity. Your furry friend will also need a thorough exam, and should get started on parasite control as well. At home, keep a very close eye out for signs of illness, such as fever, lethargy, vomiting, and lack of appetite. Call your vet immediately if you notice anything unusual.


Never underestimate little Fluffy’s ability to get herself into trouble. Doing some basic kittyproofing will help keep your pet safe. Remove or secure toxic plants; wires and cords; plastic bags, wrappers, and ties; chemicals; medications; and anything small or sharp. Seal off openings behind and beneath furniture, and keeping major appliances closed when not in use.

Keep Little Fluffy Indoors

Cats are always safer and healthier inside. As soon as little Fluffy sets her tiny paws outdoors, she is exposed to some serious hazards! Cars, predators, weather, chemicals, and other cats can all endanger your feline pal.

Avoid Clay or Clumping Litters

These products are fine for adult cats, but they aren’t safe for kittens. Little Fluffy may not quite have the hang of using her powder room yet, and will still be learning the ins and outs of grooming herself. Clay and clumping litters can be deadly if ingested, so they’re best avoided for now.


Little Fluffy’s mental health plays a huge role in her overall well-being. Make sure your cute pet feels safe and loved by offering her lots of attention. Toys, treats, and comfy beds are also important.

Please call us, your Fox Lake, IL vet clinic, for all your kitten’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!