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How to Keep Your Outdoor Cat Healthy

July 15 2021

Do you allow your kitty to go outside? Perhaps, you adopted—or half-adopted—an outside cat? While the recommendation is to keep Fluffy inside, we know that some of our feline buddies enjoy investigating the great outdoors. Other cats may have never become used to living inside. This article contains a veterinarian’s advice on how to keep your outdoor cat healthy, happy, and purring.


Clean water is a basic need for all animals. Fluffy should have fresh water at all times. You’ll need to wash your furry pal’s water bowl daily so germs and dust don’t pile up.


Like all animals, your kitty needs nourishing food so that she can thrive. Your best bet is to use kibble, as it lasts longer than wet food. But, don’t leave a lot of food out, because this could bring mice and other vermin. Feed Fluffy indoors, if possible.


Fluffy may have a fur coat, but that doesn’t mean she has all the protection she needs from the elements. You should bring her inside when it’s cold or hot outside. But, it’s always a good idea to make an emergency shelter and leave it outside in case your cat gets out. A Do-It-Yourself option is to first get two plastic storage totes. One should fit inside the other, leaving a little room in between them. In that space, place old towels or newspapers for insulation. For Fluffy’s comfort, add a blanket inside. To make a door, cut holes in the side.

Lifestyle Change

Naturally, the best thing to do is keep your outdoor cat inside. Your furry buddy will be healthier and safer that way. This lifestyle change may take patience and time, but don’t stop. Providing cat furniture, catnip, toys, and treats will entice her to stay inside. If nothing else, lessen Fluffy’s outdoor time, letting her out only during the daytime, and when it’s nice outside.

Veterinary Care

We suggest that all kitties be fixed, kept current on vaccines and parasite control, and microchipped. These things are especially important for cats that live or are allowed to go outdoors. Outside pets are more likely to be harmed by germs and parasites than indoor ones, so they need to come into an animal hospital a little more often. Ask your veterinarian for an appointment schedule.

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