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Litterbox Training a Bunny

April 15 2019

Do you have a bunny? Floppy is not only very cute, she’s also quite smart! One thing that may make caring for your pet a little easier on you is litterbox training. Floppy can learn to use a litterbox, but the process won’t come as naturally to her as it would to a cat. A McHenry, IL vet offers some tips in this article.


A trip to the pet store is definitely in order. You’ll want to get a medium or large cat litter pan or a cement-mixing pan. If you have two furballs, you’ll need to pick something that will fit them both at the same time. Bunnies like to do everything together! As far as litter, opt for something made from oats, alfalfa, or paper. Avoid clay and clumping litters, as well as anything made from pine or cedar. You may also want to get a hayrack.


Bunnies are a bit finicky, so it may take you a few tries to get the box set up in a way that your furball finds satisfactory. Layering litter and newspaper may work. Put some of Floppy’s waste into the litterbox. Rabbits like to eat while they are doing their business, so add some fresh grass hay. If you have a hayrack, arrange it so that Floppy has to hop into the box to get to it.


Many bunnies have favorite spots that they use as their bathrooms. If Floppy tends to use a certain area, put the litterbox there. In fact, you may want to start out with several boxes. In time, you can remove extras.


At first, keep your bunny in a small space. You may want to get a puppy pen. Keep a close eye on Floppy, especially after she has eaten. If you see her relieving herself—or looking like she is about to—say ‘No’ firmly. Then, immediately pick her up and put her in her box. Sooner or later, she will use the box. When this happens, shower your furball with praise, and give her a treat.


If Floppy hasn’t been fixed yet, we recommend doing this first. Intact rabbits often spray to try and mark their territory. Ask your vet for more information.

Please call us, your McHenry, IL pet clinic, for all of your bunny’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!