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Lost Dog Awareness Day

April 15 2017

Did you know that Lost Dog Awareness Day is April 23rd? We know how heartbreaking it can be for pet parents when our canine companions get lost. While we truly hope that all of our furry patients stay safe and sound at home, this is a great time to talk about how to keep your dog from getting lost, and what to do if he does. A local McHenry, IL vet discusses lost dog awareness below.

Keeping Fido Safe

Making sure your dog is properly trained is one of the first and most important things you can do to keep him safe. The odds of Fido running off are greatly reduced if your furry buddy knows—and obeys—basic commands like Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down. If you have a yard, make sure that your fencing is secure, so your canine pal can’t go over, under, or through it. We strongly recommend getting self-latching gates.


Microchipping Fido will greatly increase the odds of you and him being reunited if he ever does run off. This simple, quick procedure could even save your pup’s life! If your furry pal isn’t microchipped yet, we recommend getting this done immediately. If your dog is chipped, take a few minutes to make sure the information in the chip manufacturer’s database is correct. The chip won’t help if your contact information is outdated! Making sure your dog is wearing proper ID tags is also important.

What To Do If Your Dog Is Lost

Fido doesn’t understand that the world is a big, scary place, and may not hesitate to bolt through a gate the meter reader leaves open. If your faithful pet does get lost, take action immediately. Start by doing a thorough search of your neighborhood. Investigate wooded or empty lots and roadside ditches, in case your pup is lying just out of sight. Ask friendly neighbors to keep an eye out for your pooch, and to contact you immediately if they see him. Post ads and flyers, spread the word on social media, and start checking local shelters. Don’t give up! There have been some truly amazing stories of dogs being reunited with their owners after being gone for weeks, months, or even years.

Does your dog need a microchip, vaccinations, or an exam? Contact us! As your McHenry, IL animal clinic, we’re here to help.