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New Year’s Resolutions For People With Kittens

January 1 2022

Happy New Year! Are you ringing in the new year with a kitten? If so, you may be in for the most adorable New Year’s Day ever. Little Fluffy is definitely going to put lots of smiles on your face this year. She’s also got lots of growing and learning to do! Here, a McHenry, IL vet lists a few things to add to your resolutions.


It’s a good thing kittens are so cute, because they’re basically tiny whirlwinds of mischief. Over the next few months, you’re going to find yourself plucking your pint-sized pet off drapes and tables, and pulling her out of spots she shouldn’t be in. Keep a close eye on little Fluffy! (Don’t worry: your frisky furball’s terrible twos won’t last long.)


Now is the time to teach your feline buddy the do’s and don’ts of being a polite, friendly cat. If she tries to bite or scratch you, tell her No, and then ignore her until she’s ready to play nice. It’s also important to teach her good nail-care habits. Get her a good scratching post or board, and reward her for using it.


Socialization is absolutely crucial to little Fluffy’s mental and emotional well-being. You’ll want to get her used to being petted and handled now, so she doesn’t grow up wary of people. Invite people over to play with your furry friend. (You probably won’t have trouble getting volunteers.)

Keep Kitty In

Kitties that go outside can face some very serious dangers in the Great Outdoors, including cars, weather, and other animals. Get little Fluffy used to being an indoor pet now.

Meet The Vet

When Fluffy is fully grown, she may only need to come in once a year. However, she’ll need several appointments during her kittenhood. In addition to her initial exams, vaccinations, and parasite control, microchipping and spay/neuter surgery are also on the agenda.

Take Lots of Pictures

Your feline pal will be all grown up before you know it. Capture this adorable stage of her life by taking lots of photos!

Purr Activation

The more you interact with little Fluffy now, the more interactive she’ll become. Take time to talk to and play with your fuzzy pal every day.

Everyone at Richmond Veterinary Clinic, your McHenry, IL animal hospital, wishes you a wonderful new year. Contact us anytime!