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Pet Bird Day

September 15 2020

There’s a special holiday coming up that all the bird lovers are ‘raven’ about. September 17th is National Pet Bird Day! While our feathered pals aren’t as popular as dogs and cats, they do have some very loyal fans, and are beloved pets in many homes. Read on as a Fox Lake, IL vet offers some tips on celebrating this special day.


Treats are always a great way to brighten up Polly’s day. Just stick with safe, suitable options. Some good ones are cooked beans, pumpkin seeds, cherries, oranges, diced papaya, grapes, sweet potatoes, brown rice, or pine nuts.. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Photo Session

There’s never a bad time to take a photo of your winged pal. See if your phone has a macro setting. This may be very helpful, especially with smaller birds. You can also shoot some video of Polly. We never tire of watching home movies of our cute patients!


Polly is quite clean, but she does need regular baths. Let your little buddy enjoy a spa day! Just make sure she doesn’t get chilly as she is drying off.

Fun Time

Birds need lots of time out of their cages to stay healthy and happy. Make Polly’s free time extra fun today! Get her a new toy, or let her explore something new, like a cardboard box.


One of the best things about Polly is her voice. Some birds chirp, some twitter, and some like to belt out Neil Diamond songs. Teach your adorable pet a new phrase, or let her imitate a fun sound. Even if she doesn’t talk back, she’ll enjoy it if you talk—or even sing—to her.

Dance Party

Many birds—particularly parrots and cockatiels—love to dance. This makes sense: after all, they do sing in the wild. Play some tunes for Polly, and see if she feels like boogeying down.


Although this day is really meant to honor pet birds, it’s also a great time to recognize wild ones. Put a feeder, birdhouse, and/or birdbath in your yard. You can also make a donation to an organization that works to protect wild birds. There are many wonderful ones to choose from!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if ever we can be of assistance. As your local Fox Lake, IL vet clinic, we are here to help!