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Why Pet Playtime is Very Important

August 15 2015

Who doesn’t love playing with their pet? Romping around with your furry friend sure is fun, but it’s also about much more than that. Learn more about the various benefits of playtime for pets from your McHenry, IL veterinarian.

Behavior Improvement

Many pets who don’t get enough playtime take out their pent-up energy in other ways; this may result in house soiling, inappropriate chewing, scratching, digging, attempted escape, or other undesirable behaviors. Regular playtime keeps pets from becoming bored and gives them something to look forward to each day, reducing the chances of poor behavior. If your pet is acting out, don’t assume they’re just being difficult. Playtime may greatly improve their behavior.

Physical Fitness

Of course, regular playtime offers physical benefits to your pet by burning excess calories to stave off weight gain, keeping joints limber, and maintaining muscle strength. Pets who don’t get any playtime, lying around all day instead, tend to gain weight and become less healthy on the whole. Since obesity can lead to various other health problems, playing with your pet regularly will avoid trouble in the long run. Ask your veterinarian about specific play techniques that will give your pet the most physical benefits.

Mental Benefits

Your pet’s mind needs exercising, just like the body does. Playing with your pet regularly helps keep the mind sharp. Fun games like hide-and-seek, fetch, tug-of-war, puzzle-treat activities, obstacle course navigation, and more will keep your pet’s mind engaged and their reflexes quick. Switching up playtime routines occasionally will keep your pet from getting bored with the same old thing, and it will offer new avenues of exploration for your animal companion, keeping their mind in peak shape.

Quality Bonding Time

Remember: our domesticated cats and dogs are social creatures who require regular interaction and attention to be at their happiest. By playing with your pet every day, you’re facilitating quality pet-owner bonding time and deepening the relationship you have with your furry companion. This is especially important if you’re at work for most of the day and only see your pet for a few hours on most days.

Do you think your pet would benefit from more playtime than they’re currently getting? Set up an appointment at your McHenry, IL, IL veterinarian’s office to discuss the matter further. With targeted, efficient, and fun playtime every day, you can improve your pet’s health while having a blast!