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Don’t Believe Shelter Pet Myths!

May 15 2017

Some prospective pet owners might be hesitant about adopting their next companion from a shelter—this could be because of several common misconceptions! Allow your McHenry, IL veterinarian to set the record straight below.

Shelter Pets Are Old

Some people make the mistake of thinking that shelters only house old, unwanted pets. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While shelters may house senior pets—often in a separate area designated just for them—they also have puppies and kittens, as well as a variety of middle-aged companions. No matter the age of pet you’re considering, you’re likely to find it at a shelter.

Shelter Pets Are Dirty

Not true! Shelters and the pets inside of them are kept at a very high standard of cleanliness for the purposes of disease prevention and proper sanitation. Shelter staff members work diligently to ensure that kennels, examination areas, and even waiting rooms are kept clean. Even if a pet arrives at a shelter with some grime attached, they’ll promptly be bathed, trimmed, and even given nail clippings or vaccinations if necessary.

Shelter Pets Don’t Behave Well

Think that an animal wouldn’t wind up in a shelter in the first place if they were well-behaved? Think again! This presumes that poor behavior is the chief reason that pets find themselves in shelters, but it’s not true. In fact, factors like uncontrolled breeding, hoarding, abandonment, and others are the main reasons that pets come to shelter facilities! The vast majority of shelter pets are perfectly well-mannered and are just looking for a loving family to take them in.

Shelters Only Have Mutts

Are you interested in a purebred animal? If you’ve avoided shelters thus far on the assumption that they only house mixed-breed pets, it’s time to reconsider. The fact is, a shelter is just as likely to have a purebred animal as it is to have a mixed-breed pet. It all depends on what particular pets have wound up at that particular facility—give yourself the opportunity to give a pet in need a good home.

Shelters Only Have Dogs and Cats

Were you aware that many shelters run adoption programs for pocket pets, birds, and other animals, rather than just for dogs and cats? If you’re in the market for a unique pet, consider visiting your local shelters.

Do you have questions about adopting from a shelter? Call your McHenry, IL vet.