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Spotlight On Border Collies

November 15 2021

November 24th has gone to the dogs: it’s Border Collie Day! These very good boys are extremely intelligent, and have often been listed among the world’s smartest dogs, often placing at the top of that list. A McHenry, IL vet puts the ‘spot’ light on this beloved breed in this article.

Active Pups

Border Collies are extremely smart. They’re also quite energetic and playful. You’ll need to provide your canine companion with lots of entertainment and stimulation. Fido can get a bit destructive with nothing to do, and may amuse himself by eating your sofa or chewing a hole in the wall.

Give The Pooch A Job

Border Collies have been working dogs for many centuries, and they naturally have a need to stay busy. They are extremely skilled at herding sheep and livestock: in fact, in one of the earliest trials, a Border Collie corralled a flock of sheep into a small pen being instructed only by hand signals and whistles. You may notice Fido trying to ‘herd’ his humans together.

A Name

Ever wonder where Fido got his name? The word ‘Collie’ is derived from the old Celtic word that means useful. The breed actually originated around the borders of England and Scotland … hence the name ‘border’

Goose Master

Here’s a job title you probably haven’t heard before: goose master. Apparently, geese have become quite a nuisance in one part of Florida, as a local company now trains Border Collies specifically to keep them out of traffic and off people’s lawns.


A Border Collie named Luath stands out from this adorable pack of dogs. This cute canine was the beloved pet of poet Robert Burns, whose work includes the famous line: The best laid schemes of mice and men. Luath also inspired the poem The Twa Dogs, and has been memorialized in statues beside her human.

Record Breakers

Another thing Border Collies are great at? Breaking records. One of these pooches—a pup named Chaser—holds the distinct honor of being the world’s smartest dog. Chaser can identify a whopping 1000 objects by name. Then there’s Jumpy, the Border Collie who broke a world record for doggy skateboarding. Border collies have also broken records for manually rolling down car windows and doggy balancing.

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