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Things to Teach Your Kitten

August 15 2019

Have you recently adopted a kitten? Congratulations! Baby cats are one of the cutest things on the planet! Little Fluffy will certainly keep you smiling over the coming months with her adorable antics. Getting a kitten isn’t all purrs and cuddles, however. Your tiny ball of fur has a lot to learn, and it’s up to you to help teach her! Read on as a McHenry, IL vet lists some things to teach your feline pal.

Proper Scratching Etiquette

Cats depend on their claws in the wild, so they’re instinctively driven to keep those little nails sharp. Get your little buddy started out on the right paw by getting her a good, sturdy scratching post. To encourage her to use it, offer her toys and treats near it.

You Live Indoors

We always recommend that cats live indoors. If you let your furball out, she’ll face some very serious dangers, like cars, weather, and predators. It’s much easier to keep a kitten indoors from Day One than to try and ground her later!

Play Nice

Kittens are born with a lot of claws and teeth, and are usually very interested in figuring out to use them all. Your furry friend may try to practice her hunting and pouncing skills on you. She may also climb your leg. This sort of thing may be cute now, but could turn into some very problematic—and dangerous—behavior down the road. If your little buddy tries to bite or scratch you, tell her ‘No’ firmly. You can also say ‘Don’t bite’ or ‘Put your claws away’ or ‘Play nice.’ Just use the same phrasing every time. Then, ignore your pet for a while. She’ll get the hint eventually!


Never punish your kitten for misbehaving. That may just scare her, and make her anxious! If little Fluffy isn’t getting the hint, blow in her face, clap your hands, or squirt her with water. These things will startle and irritate your furball, which may be enough to get the point across.

I Love You

Kittens love to be cuddled and petted. Pay lots of attention to little Fluffy, and let her snuggle up with you. This will help her feel safe and loved, and strengthen the bond between you.

Please contact us, your local McHenry, IL vet clinic, for all your cat’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!