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How to Banish Dog Odors from Your Home or Apartment

August 15 2016

You come home, open the front door, and a strange odor assaults your nostrils—it’s your dog! It’s entirely possible for your pooch to smell up your home after a while, and you may not even notice it. Here, your Fox Lake, IL veterinarian gives you a few pointers on banishing dog odors.

Groom Your Dog

What a difference a grooming session can make! Run a brush through your dog’s fur regularly; this will smooth tangles and mats, trap loose fur in the brush, and prevent fur and dander from winding up all over your home. It will also spread essential skin oils through the coat, keeping it moisturized naturally and reducing shedding in the long run.

Bathing your dog with a canine-formulated shampoo can also help remove odors. Ask your veterinarian about a recommendation on a good shampoo, as well as how often bathing may be necessary.

Clean and Vacuum

There’s no substitute for good old-fashioned cleaning. Dust your home weekly, paying special attention to windowsills, blinds, shelving, and other surfaces that dander, dust, and pet hair may accumulate. Vacuum your carpets to pick up pesky dog fur that may hide there.

Wash the Bed

If your dog sleeps on a pet bed, that is a sure-fire hotspot for odors. Don’t forget to toss it in the washing machine every now and again! After the bed is dry, sprinkle some baking soda on it and leave it for a few hours before brushing the baking soda off and returning the bed to your dog. This will help to soak up any remnant odors and keep things fresh.

Try Odor Neutralizers

Air fresheners simply mask smells, allowing them to return over time. A pet-specific odor neutralizer, though, targets the enzymes that cause smells initially. Pick one of these products up at a pet supply store or a local retail outlet. Ask your vet to recommend a good type and brand.

Try Space Confinements

Some dogs simply come with a smell “built in.” Others might manage ongoing skin conditions that may contribute to odors. You can’t do much about this, but space confinements may help. Try training your dog to stay on only one floor of the home, or only get up on one chair in the living room. This way, it’s much easier to keep one area clean and fresh.

Talk to your Fox Lake, IL veterinary professional for more odor-control tips.