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Things to Consider When Choosing a Doghouse

August 1 2016

Have you decided to get your canine pal his own doghouse? If so, that’s great! While we firmly believe that dogs should live indoors—after all, Fido is part of the family—our canine pals love having little homes of their own to enjoy when they are outside. Shopping for a doghouse can be a bit tricky, however. You’ll find many cute options in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors. Which is best for your dog? A local Fox Lake, IL vet offers some advice on how to choose a right doghouse in this article.


Look for a doghouse that is raised off the ground a little bit. This will help water run beneath it, so your furry friend’s home stays high and dry.

Door Placement

Centered doors are quite common in doghouses, but off-center doors actually provide better protection from wind and rain.


While you of course don’t want to get a doghouse that is too flimsy, you don’t want to get one that is so heavy it can’t be moved.


Doghouses come in many different materials. While plastic may be cheaper, a plastic doghouse will be hot in summer and cold in winter, which is the opposite of what you want. Wood provides much better insulation. Just avoid pressure-treated wood, as it can be dangerous for Man’s Best Friend.


While a plain doghouse is absolutely fine, why not look for one that has a little porch, or a rooftop deck for Fido to relax on?


When it comes to doghouses, bigger isn’t actually better. Fido should have room to stand up, turn around, and stretch out, but you don’t want his home to be too big. If you have more than one dog, look for a doghouse that is made for two pooches.


While it may sound like a good idea to make your canine pal’s doghouse comfy and inviting by adding soft beds, the truth is that this will also make it comfortable and inviting for fleas and other pests. Look for a safe matting instead. If you do use bedding, wash it in hot water every week.

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