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What to Do If Your Bird Escapes

December 1 2017

Do you have a bird for a pet? Polly is certainly a cute and charming animal companion. However, birds do need lots of care and supervision. Just like any other pets, our feathered friends can get injured or lost. It only takes a moment for your little friend to escape through an open door or window. What do you do if your winged buddy escapes? A McHenry, IL vet offers some tips below.


Birds need free time out of their cages every day. Get into the habit of doing some basic checks before you open Polly’s door. Make sure that your doors and windows are closed, and that your fans are off. It’s worth noting that, contrary to popular belief, birds with clipped wings can fly. If your pet has clipped wings, don’t assume that it’s safe to take her outside. It may also help to take lots of pictures and recordings of your colorful pet. These can come in very handy if your bird does get lost. We also recommend microchipping your feathered pal. Ask your vet for more information.


If your winged friend does escape, don’t wait to begin your search. Start looking immediately. You’ll want to take binoculars and a towel with you. It’s also not a bad idea to bring some of Polly’s favorite toys and snacks. Most likely, your runaway pet will be within a mile or so of your home. Start by checking trees and bushes in your immediately vicinity. Look very carefully: it can be very easy to miss a small bird in a tree!

Open Cage

Take Polly’s cage outdoors, and set out some of her favorite treats and playthings. Make sure there is food and water inside, and leave the door open.


Scattering birdseed and treats around your property may entice your little pal to return home. It can also help to call your bird. If you have a recording of Polly, play it on a portable speaker. It may draw her out.

Spread The Word

If you haven’t found your bird within 24 hours, you’ll want to expand your search. Place ads in local papers, post flyers in your neighborhood and on social media, and contact local animal shelters, vets, and zoos. Don’t give up!

Do you have questions about bird care? Contact us, your McHenry, IL pet clinic, anytime!