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Thanksgiving With Fido

November 15 2017

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Dogs are definitely something to be thankful for! Of course, as you prepare for the big day, Fido may very well be underfoot, sticking close by in the hopes that you’ll ‘accidentally’ drop a tasty treat or two. Just be sure to keep your pet’s health and safety in mind as the autumn holiday approaches. Here, a McHenry, IL vet discusses Thanksgiving with Fido.


There’s no reason your pup can’t enjoy a special holiday snack. Just be very careful with what you give your pooch. Many popular holiday foods are poisonous to dogs. Never give Fido anything that contains garlic, onion, scallions, or chives; nuts; chocolate; caffeine; alcohol; grapes, currants, or raisins; or xylitol. Pitted fruits, especially avocados, are also on the no-no list, as are raw meat, dough, and yeast; meat on the bone; and candy. Offer your furry friend some plain, cooked, meat, fish, or poultry with the skin, bones, and fat removed.


While some dogs see visitors as opportunities for extra belly rubs and ear scritches, others become uneasy when guests arrive. If Fido gets overexcited or nervous around company, put him in a quiet back room with food, toys, treats, and bedding when people start to arrive. Put a baby gate at the door, so he can still see, hear, and interact with you, and won’t feel so isolated.


We know, it can be hard to resist those adorable puppy-dog eyes. However, at the end of the day, begging is bad petiquette! It can also make visitors uncomfortable. Keep Fido in another area while you’re eating, and feed him at the same time, so he’ll be more preoccupied with his meal than yours. We also recommend tiring your pup out with a long walk and a vigorous play session before guests arrive. Tired dogs are good dogs!


Never underestimate Fido’s ability to get himself into trouble! Trash is one thing to be concerned about. You don’t want your pet trying to score leftovers out of the garbage, as it could contain dangerous items like bones, tin foil, toothpicks, wrappers, can lids, and other hazards. Candles, heaters, and even decorative items are also dangerous to dogs. Keep these things in secure places your pup can’t reach.

Happy Thanksgiving! Please contact us, your McHenry, IL pet hospital, for all of your dog’s veterinary care needs.