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Easy Care Tips for Your Senior Dog

July 15 2017

Is your dog getting up there in years? Senior dogs make wonderful companions, but they need your love and attention now more than ever. Use these tips from a Fox Lake, IL veterinarian to make sure your aging canine companions stays happy and healthy:

The Comfort of Home

An aging dog—especially one beginning to suffer from the painful twinges of arthritis—can be helped greatly by a set of pet stairs or a ramp. This way, he can get up onto the couch or into bed much more easily. Don’t place Fido’s bed near a door or window, where a cool draft may bother him overnight; instead, try placing it near the center of the home.

Diet Tips

All senior dogs should be fed a specially formulated diet made just for the needs of aging canines. Your older pooch’s nutritional requirements have changed drastically since his younger years! Ask your vet to recommend a high-quality senior dog food for your pet. This way, he’ll receive all the essential nutrients needed for a healthy life as he ages. Also be sure to ask for advice on proper portion size.

Preventive Care Measures

Don’t forget to keep your pet up-to-date on essential vaccinations and pest-control measures; these preventive steps are just as important now as they were when your dog was younger! The diseases carried by fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and the like can easily sideline your senior dog, and contagious illnesses are more dangerous now than ever. Talk to your veterinarian if your pooch needs vaccines or pest-control medications.

Help With Grooming

Be sure to keep up with your canine companion’s grooming routine as he ages. For one, it’ll keep Fido looking his absolute best. Secondly, grooming is important for maintaining good skin and fur health. Brushing helps to remove loose and dead fur from the coat, and it spreads essential skin oils through the fur to keep it moisturized and shiny. The occasional bath is a great way to keep your pet fresh-smelling while removing grime from the fur and skin.

Visit the Vet

Don’t forget to visit your veterinarian’s office on a regular basis to have your dog examined—this is the best way to maintain your senior pet’s health and wellness as he enters his golden years. If your dog is in need of a check-up, don’t delay. Call your Fox Lake, IL veterinary clinic today to make an appointment.