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How to Keep Your Pet Safe on the Fourth of July

July 1 2017

July Fourth is one of the most hazardous holidays of the year for our animal companions. Fortunately, it just takes some awareness and precautionary measures to keep Fido or Fluffy safe! Learn more below from a vet in McHenry, IL.

Leave Your Pet at Home for the Fireworks

Don’t take the risk of bringing your pet along to the local fireworks display. No matter how well-trained your animal friend is, many pets will be terrified of the deep booms and brilliant fishes of fireworks, potentially running off into the night. You don’t want to search for a lost pet in the dark! Leave your four-legged friend safely secured at home, where they’ll be safe and sound.

Also use caution if you’re lighting off fireworks, sparklers, or firecrackers at home. The noises that these products make can startle pets into darting off. Plus, a pet can be burned if they get too close! It’s safest to keep your furry friend indoors when lighting off pyrotechnics outside.

Beware of Dangerous Foods

Are you gathering with friends and family for a holiday picnic or party? Be sure to have your pet avoid any dangerous foods. Plenty of common picnic munchies and the ingredients in various dishes—onions, garlic, salty foods, shallots, chives, grapes, raisins, avocado, caffeinated foods and beverages, chocolate, candy, gum, certain nuts, and much more—can prove harmful to animals.

Alcohol is another big no-no for pets, and it’s common during this particular holiday. Make sure your pet can’t take a sip from drinks of any kind, because alcohol can poison pets even in very small amounts. The smaller your pet, the greater the danger!

Hot Weather Hazards

Will your pet be spending time outdoors with you this holiday? Remember to provide them with a dish of cool, fresh water to drink from at all times, and make sure there are a few shady areas for them to relax under. It’s also important to allow your animal friend back indoors, where it’s cool and air-conditioned, on a regular basis in order to avoid overheating. Have your pet wear seasonal or year-round pest preventatives to ward off fleas, ticks, worms, and other hot-weather pests.

Does your pet need quality pest preventatives? Would you like more tips for keeping your animal companion safe this Independence Day? We are here to help! Contact your McHenry, IL pet clinic today to set up an appointment.