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Cat Towers

June 1 2015

Have you been looking for a way to pamper your feline friend? If so, you may want to consider getting Fluffy a cat tower. Cat towers are very beneficial to kitties. They provide appropriate scratching options, exercise, and a high vantage point from which your furry pal can look down at you with a smug, self-satisfied expression. In this article, a McHenry veterinarian discusses Kitty’s favorite piece of furniture: the cat tower.


Before making a purchase, think about where you will put Fluffy’s furniture. Work with your décor: for instance, if the tower will be in a corner, get one designed for corners. If possible, put the tower in front of a window that overlooks a field or yard. That way, your furball can relax on her tower and watch the birds, squirrels, and other wildlife. If you have a screened-in patio, consider putting the tower out there, so your kitty can safely enjoy a taste of the outdoors.


Choose a tower that is strong and sturdy enough not to topple over on your furry friend. The tower will need to support Fluffy’s full weight and length when she stretches, and will have to hold up under your furball’s gymnastic and climbing antics. If the tower wobbles, or worse, falls over, your kitty may become wary of it, and may not use it again.


There are many different designs and configurations to choose from when it comes to buying cat towers. Some are simple, with just a few ‘balconies’ for Fluffy to lay on, while others are more like feline jungle gyms, complete with hanging toys, tunnels, and enclosed spaces. Keep your furball’s age, weight, and ‘purrsonality’ in mind. Shy kitties will probably appreciate an enclosed space, while active, super-playful furballs may want all the entertainment options possible! Senior kitties, on the other hand, will find it easier to climb onto lower towers. Here’s an interesting fact: if your tower has multiple levels, and you have more than one kitty, the cat on the highest perch is the ‘boss cat’.

DIY Options

If you can’t afford to buy a tower, consider building one. You can repurpose a wooden stepladder by covering it in carpet or sisal rope and adding wider boards that will support kitty beds and, of course, sleeping kitties.

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