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Cuddly Dog Breeds

May 15 2015

Man’s Best Friend has been a wonderful companion to us for thousands of years. Fido is known for being loyal and loving, a true friend who will always stand by you through both good times and bad. Just like people, dogs all have their own unique personalities. Much of Fido’s character comes from his early experiences and upbringing, but breed can also play a huge role in your pup’s temperament. Some of our canine friends are protective, others make good hunting buddies, and others make wonderful pals to take on adventures. Of course, some pooches really just want to cuddle! In this article, a local Fox Lake vet lists some of the cuddliest dog breeds.


Pomeranians are arguably one of the most adorable dog breeds. The Pom’s cute, foxlike face; fluffy coat; and zest for life definitely make us smile! These little bouncing balls of fur are also great snugglers. Pomeranians love to nap on their owners’ laps or snuggle up with them at bedtime.


These tiny pooches are one of America’s most popular pets. Although they are small, Chihuahuas have big hearts! Many of them love nothing more than to snuggle up with their human friends for a good cuddle session.

Labrador Retrievers

Labs might be a bit big to make proper lap dogs, but many of these lovable pooches haven’t quite realized that. Playful, sweet, and loyal, Labs love to snuggle with their humans!

Golden Retrievers

Like their cousins, the Labs, Golden Retrievers are very friendly and affectionate, and extremely endearing. Many Retrievers are the type of dogs who always remain puppies at heart, and never outgrow their love for cuddling.

Australian Shepherds

Smart and active, Australian Shepherds can make wonderful pets. These super cute pooches are also extremely friendly and love to cuddle!

Bichon Frise

If you described a Bichon Frise as a cotton ball with a super-adorable face, you wouldn’t be too far off! These affectionate pooches want nothing more than to be hugged and petted.


These lovable pooches may look stoic, but they’re actually quite the cuddlebugs! Gentle, calm, and sweet-natured, the bulldog is another snuggly pup.

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