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Cleaning Tips for People With Pets

October 15 2018

Pets enrich our lives in many ways. They keep us laughing with their adorable mannerisms and cute antics, and fill our hearts with love. They also have a way of filling our homes with fur. Read on as a local Fox Lake, IL vet offers some cleaning tips for pet parents.


The vacuum is definitely a great tool for keeping your home fur-free. We recommend doing high-traffic areas and your pet’s favorite hangouts daily. Every week or so, do a more thorough deep clean.

Nose Print

Does your pooch leave nose art on your windows? Get rid of Fido’s masterpieces by using vinegar and newspaper.

Fur Busting

Did you know that a squeegee works great at getting pet fur off upholstery? You can also use a damp sponge, a lint roller, or rubber dish gloves. We also recommend keeping some lint rollers handy, especially during peak shedding times.

Doggy Door Mat

You may be able to teach Fido to wipe his paws down before he comes in. Even if your canine pal doesn’t quite get the hang of this, you can help stop him from tracking in mud. Keep pet wipes or a washcloth and water bottle near the door, and wipe those furry feet off. This will only take a moment, but it may save you quite a bit of work.

Pet Laundry

Remember to wash your pet’s bedding, toys, collar, and clothes regularly. Use unscented soap, and pick the hottest cycle on your washing machine and dryer. For things that are really grungy, let them soak in soapy water before you put them in the wash. Certain toys can also be washed in the dishwasher. Skip the soap: the steam and hot water will do the trick.


Brushing your pet regularly will reduce the amount of fur you find everywhere. This is because you’ll be capturing that fur with a brush before it ends up on your sofa!


To keep your home smelling fresh, scoop Fluffy’s litterbox out daily, and set out some pet-safe plants, like Boston ferns. You can also deodorize your carpet with white vinegar. Just fill a spray bottle with a vinegar/water mist and spritz the rugs. Be sure to do a stain test first!

Please contact us, your local Fox Lake, IL vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!