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DIY Cat Play Spaces

July 15 2018

Is your feline buddy still frisky and playful? Cats slow down as they age, but even senior furballs still have moments of silliness. If your kitty lives indoors — which is much safer for her – then she’ll need lots of entertainment options to keep her amused and active. We’re here to help! Read on as a local Fox Lake, IL vet lists some great homemade play spaces you can make your cat.

Hanging Window Seat

Kitties love to sunbathe and watch what’s going on outside. To make a simple window seat, you can just add a smooth board to your windowsill. If you want something more unique, get a square basket, and attach that to the windowsill. Then, use twine and a plant hangar to secure it.

Cat Towers

You can make your feline pal a cat tower by using lumber, PVC pipes, stepladders, bookcases, metal storage racks, and/or wooden crates. Fluffy just wants to climb and relax, so there’s really no wrong way to configure it. Just make sure it’s safe and sturdy!

Cat Walks

As you may have noticed, our furry pals absolutely love high spaces. You can buy fancy modular catwalks for Fluffy, or just make your own. Use shelving, lumber wooden crates, baskets, and PVC pipe to give Fluffy vertical space. Carpet and sisal rope will make it comfortable. Look online for great DIY ideas.

Kitty Castle

Why not make your feline overlord her own castle? Use cardboard boxes to create an elegant palace for Her Furry Majesty. You can keep it simple, and just attach a few boxes together, or go all-out and create a more intricate structure, complete with courtyards, turrets, and balconies.

Furball Garden

Cats love to nibble on green leaves. Set out some plants at kitty level. You can also turn an old litterbox into a grass planter. Just add soil and cat grass (aka wheat grass) seeds, and put it in the sun. When it’s grown, your pet will have a soft bed to relax on. For a more challenging version, use pallets and make a table with a cat grass section. This is great for a screened patio! For maximum purrs, surround it with pet-safe plants. You can find a full list on the ASPCA website.

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