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Things to Consider Before Adopting a Cockatiel

August 1 2018

Are you considering adopting a cockatiel? These lovable birds are both entertaining and beautiful! However, cockatiels do require a good bit of care and attention. Before adopting one of these pretty birds, do plenty of research, and know what you are getting into. Here, a Fox Lake, IL vet lists some things to consider before adopting a cockatiel.


Cockatiels are smaller than many pets, but they have huge personalities. In fact, these charismatic birds are highly entertaining! Polly may be happy to ride around on your shoulder, dance to your favorite song, or tease the dog by calling him. Your feathered buddy may also learn to beatbox, imitate your phone, or sing. If you are looking for a quiet, reserved pet, a cockatiel may not be the right choice. However, if you want a charismatic animal companion that will keep you laughing, a cockatiel may be absolutely perfect for you!


Cockatiels are quite chatty. Polly will speak up if she’s bored, overstimulated, or irritable. She may be extra loud if she’s competing with background noise, such as conversations, loud TVs, or barking dogs. If you want a quiet bird, you may prefer a finch or canary.


These pretty birds are very sociable. Your feathered pal will need lots of affection and free time to stay happy and healthy. It’s very important for you to take time to play and interact with Polly every day.


Pet birds need several hours outside of their cages every day. This means doing some birdproofing, to keep your pet and your home safe.


Cockatiels often live 20 years or more with proper care. Make sure you can commit to taking care of your pet bird for her entire lifespan!


Budget is another thing to consider. While Polly may not be that expensive herself, you’ll need to invest in a great cage. Your cute pet will also need toys, perches, food, and veterinary care, which will all be ongoing expenses.


Polly is absolutely beautiful, but she isn’t the neatest roommate. In fact, these guys can make quite a mess! Make sure you are willing to clean up after your pet. Keeping your winged friend’s cage clean is also crucial.

Do you have questions about caring for cockatiels? Contact us, your Fox Lake, IL pet clinic, today! We’re dedicated to providing great care for birds!