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Get Your Dog Spiffed Up With a Top-Notch Grooming Service

April 15 2015

Your golden retriever Boomer is looking a bit rough lately. Your five-year-old canine housemate has been rolling in the grass, and you’ve also seen him crashing through the brush. When he returns home, his coat is filled with leaves and debris. Later this week, Boomer has a physical checkup with your Fox Lake vet; and you’d like him to look presentable. Tomorrow, he’ll visit the grooming salon for a makeover.

Tail-Wagging Welcome

Boomer’s grooming appointment works nicely with your schedule. You’ll arrive at the salon shortly after opening time, and arrange to pick up your much-cleaner canine housemate later in the day.

The dog-friendly receptionist will give your pooch an ear-scratching welcome. Next, she’ll obtain specific grooming instructions. Maybe your vet has prescribed a medicated or other specialty shampoo. If so, bring it along. If you don’t want water in your dog’s ears, make those instructions clear. Next, your companion will receive a personal escort to the work area. If his groomer isn’t ready, he’ll snooze in his kennel until his turn comes up.

Essential Bath Preparation

First, your cosmetically challenged pooch will receive a complete brush-out. Otherwise, his tangled coat will transform into a furry matted blob when soaked with water. If his fur was hopelessly matted and riddled with debris, the groomer might shave him down. After all, she doesn’t want to cause your dog pain by trying to remove an excessive number of mats. He’ll also receive a nail trim and gentle ear cleaning.

Anal Gland Checkup

Now, the groomer will empty, or express, Boomer’s anal glands. She’ll likely place him at the floor bathing station. Smaller dogs can easily fit into the tub. Next, the groomer will evacuate these two little fluid-packed glands that should empty when your dog poops. Keeping the glands cleared out reduces the chances of a future medical problem.

Soothing Spa Treatment

Finally, your excited dog gets that wonderful bath. He’ll enjoy a fragrant shampoo, an invigorating coat massage, and a thorough drying with a hand-held or kennel dryer. He’ll receive a brush-out and a breed-specific clip, transforming him into a proper-looking golden retriever. He might even come home with a colorful bandanna or cologne spritz.

When Boomer visits your Fox Lake vet, he’ll show off his handsome good looks. To give your dog a professional makeover, contact us for an appointment.