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Has Your Cat Given the Cold Shoulder to His Food?

May 1 2015

Your feisty tabby Oscar is the most ravenous cat you’ve ever seen. This five-year-old feline chowhound crunches his kibbles with blinding speed, and then twirls around your legs asking for more. Recently, though, your hearty-eating feline has done a complete “about-face” with his meal behavior. He just pushes the bowl around the floor before snacking a little and turning away. You’re concerned about a nutritional deficiency and a developing medical problem. Tomorrow, persnickety Oscar will visit your McHenry veterinarian for a physical checkup and expert nutritional counseling.

Disruptive Dining Environment

While Oscar doesn’t care about using handcrafted, engraved serving ware, he wants to consume his kibbles without distractions. However, you’ve plopped his bowls in a corner of your always-buzzing kitchen, where your family frequently gathers for meals and snacks. There’s so much noise your cat can’t concentrate on his food. Since he’s on a strict daily feeding regimen, maybe your home’s human residents can reschedule their meals so he can dine in peace.

Unappealing Food Options

You’ve always spoiled Oscar with the tastiest, most nutritious kibbles available. He has happily scarfed down that delicious blend since he became an adult cat. However, he might be sick of forcing down that same old formulation. Or, perhaps your air is rather humid, turning your cat’s crisp food into a woody-tasting mess. Either way, it’s time to consider a menu change.

Maybe your spunky feline housemate prefers wet food. If you stockpile the cans in the fridge for convenience, he refuses to eat that cold, wet mush. Try heating the contents slightly, as that should enhance their smell and taste. Make sure you don’t burn your companion’s sensitive mouth and tongue.

Other Negative Influences

Several other negative factors might rear their ugly heads. Your cleanliness-happy cat balks at consuming meals from an unwashed bowl that could harbor an entire bacteria colony. To avoid this unhygienic prospect, wash your companion’s food and water containers every day.

Maybe Oscar is battling an undetected dental problem, and crunching his kibbles just makes it worse. After your vet diagnoses and resolves your feline housemate’s condition, he should begin chowing down again.

If Oscar refuses to eat for an entire day, ask your McHenry veterinarian to investigate a developing medical problem or food allergy. If your cat has been avoiding his food, contact us, your local animal clinic in Fox Lake, IL, for expert assistance.