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Doghouse Repair Month

July 1 2020

Did you know that July is Doghouse Repair Month? This is a perfect time to give Fido’s outdoor home a good cleaning and inspection. In fact, you may even want to incorporate a few pupgrades! A local Fox Lake, IL vet offers a few tips on this below.


One thing you’ll want to do is closely inspect Fido’s doghouse. Make sure there are no gaps or rotten spots. You’ll also want to look for things like sharp splinters or nails sticking out. If wasps or other unwanted guests have taken up residence, you’ll need to remove those as well. (Tip: get a crochet hornet’s nest, and hang it as a decoy. Invading hornets and wasps will see it and think the territory is taken.)

Back Yard

Why not make Fido’s yard area a bit more fun for him? If your canine buddy likes to splash around, put a kiddie pool in the yard for him to play in. Or, if your pooch likes to bury treasure, you can add a sandbox. Your pup may also enjoy a rooftop deck, a big porch, or a doggy playground. You can also add plenty of toys, and perhaps a pet fountain.


Give Fido’s doghouse a thorough cleaning. Use an unscented detergent, and rinse everything down well. If you have a pressure washer, try using that.

Repositioning It

Is Fido’s doghouse really in the best spot? If not, consider rearranging things a bit. In winter, you want the opening to face away from prevailing winds. In summer, your furry friend may not mind having a cool breeze. The house should also be off the ground a bit, to help keep wind, snow, and rain out. Just make sure not to leave openings beneath the house. These can look pretty inviting to snakes or other unwanted guests!

A New Look

Why not make your furry buddy’s outdoor home look nicer? A fresh coat of paint improves any building, no matter how big or small it is. You can also customize Fido’s outdoor house by adding a plant urn to hold his water bowl. Just make sure he can’t knock it over! Or, spruce things up with a customized name sign, stencils, or some pet-safe plants. Check the ASPCA site here for suggestions.

Please contact us, your Fox Lake, IL vet clinic, for all your dog’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!