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National Lazy Day

July 15 2020

August 10th is a very important (and hopefully uneventful) day: it’s National Lazy Day. Many people have had a lot of down time this year. Our furry pals definitely make staying home better! They’re also always more than willing to relax with their favorite humans. Read on as a McHenry, IL vet offers a few tips on how you and your four-legged buddy can celebrate Lazy Day … without making too much of an effort.

Binge Watch

Back in the day, a trip to the video store was the precursor to a perfect lazy day. Those days may be gone, but now we have tons of streaming services that allow us to watch our favorite shows or movies on demand. Revisit an old favorite, or try something that’s getting great reviews.

Photo Sessions

Why not snap some cute photos of your pet? You don’t have to move much. Your furry friend doesn’t even have to get up! In fact, your model may be able to sleep right through the shoot!

Have A Snack

No lazy day is complete without a yummy snack. Order in, or cook one of your favorite meals. You’ll also want to give your furry friend a special treat. Fido and Fluffy can both enjoy some plain, cooked meat, fish, or chicken without the skin, bones, or fat. Store-bought treats are also fine … and require less effort!

Cuddle Time

No proper lazy day is complete without pet cuddles. Our animal companions are more than willing to step up … and nap with you. This would be a great time to get your lazy pet a new bed!

Easy Tricks

Why not teach your pet a new trick? The more popular ones, like Come or Stay, take quite a bit of work. However, there are some really easy ones that your canine buddy already knows! Teach Fido to Wag Your Tail, Be Adorable, or Tilt Your Head! Look Cute, Fall Asleep, and Stretch are good for cats.


Brushing your pet doesn’t take much effort, but it really is beneficial. Give your furry buddy a good brushing while you’re relaxing.


Candles add a relaxing glow. Just place them in high spots, out of paws’ reach. Pets and fire are not a good combination!

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