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Fido’s Cutest Life Goals

May 15 2021

Does your canine buddy look particularly pleased with himself when he’s learned something new, or done a trick on command? Dogs really strive to please their humans. In fact, Fido is so devoted that he may push himself to a point of exhaustion or even risk his life for you. However, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have some goals of his own. A McHenry, IL vet lists some of the most adorable ones in this article.

Score More Treats

We can’t really blame Fido for this one: we think treats are pretty great, too. Dogs never get tired of asking for—and hopefully scoring—some yummy tidbits. Just stick with healthy options.

Explore All The Trails

Many of our canine companions are quite the little adventurers. Take Fido to parks and trails regularly, and let him sniff at new, previously unconquered grass. The exercise and fresh air will be good for you as well.


Fido may not be quite as good at napping as Fluffy, but he’s no slouch, either. Our furry pals spend about half of their time snoozing. Make sure your pooch has a good doggy bed!

Drink The Wild Air

Many dogs love nothing more than sticking their noses out of the windows on car rides. We need to put a damper on this one, though. Fido is much safer traveling in a crate.

Collect More Belly Rubs

Man’s Best Friend has many adorable traits, but one of the cutest is how cuddly and affectionate he is. Help your four-legged pal meet this goal! Of course, belly rubs aren’t the only way to help Fido reach his aim. Ear scritches, back pats, and forehead rubs count, too!

Catch That Squirrel

Fido may never make this goal, but he’ll have fun trying. Get your four-legged friend a new toy as a consolation prize.

Be A Good Boy

Treats are always a great reward for good behavior, but Fido also thrives on being complimented. Be sure to praise your furry friend when he’s behaving properly!

Spend Time With The Humans

At the end of the day, your canine pal really just wants to hang out with you. Spend quality time with your pup every day. Everything is better with dogs!

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