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DIY Cat Beds

June 1 2021

Cats are many things: they’re cute, they’re clean, they’re cuddly, and they’re highly entertaining. They’re also, for some reason, collectively exhausted. In fact, Fluffy spends as much as 20 hours a day sleeping. Want a guaranteed way to please your drowsy pet? Offer her lots of beds! Store bought beds are fine, but you can also make your own. A McHenry, IL vet lists a few purrfect options below.

Four-Poster Bed

This one is actually quite simple. Look for an end table that has four legs. Choose one without a beam in the middle. At this point, you can just turn it over, put a pillow in it, and tell Fluffy not to sleep there. However, you can paint or stain it first, so it matches your décor.

Well-Suited Option

This is great for people who are going for a retro look. Get an old hard-shell suitcase, and prop it open. Add a few framed photos to the ‘wall’ side to make it look cute. You can also paint it or add stickers or stencils.

Cat TV

Keep an eye out for old vintage TV sets, the type with consoles. You’ll need to take out the screen and ‘guts’ and make sure the sides are smooth. You can apply contact paper if you like. Put a kitty bed inside. Voila! Fluffy is the star of her own show.

Basket Case

Get a sturdy, square wicker basket, and a few pieces of rope. Tie the ropes to the corners of the basket. Then, attach it to a wall or windowsill. (You may want to look up a few examples for ideas on how to secure it.) Add a pillow, soft folded blanket, or a kitty bed and voila! Instant purr.

Draw It Out

Are you about to get rid of an old dresser? Save one (or more) of the drawers. Use paint, stencils, or even wallpaper to dress it up, and then add some soft bedding. Done!

Kitty Hammock

This is a good one for summer, as the air moving below the bed will keep your furball cool. Get a table or end table with four legs, and cut a piece of fabric so that it’s just a little smaller than the tabletop. Use Velcro ties to secure the material to the legs.

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