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Tips for Getting Through Shedding Season

March 15 2020

Shedding season is here! Many of our patients have beautiful coats, and they thoughtfully try to share them with us. However, that pretty fur looks much better on Fluffy and Fido than it does on us. In this article, a Fox Lake, IL vet offers advice on getting through shedding season.


Brushing your pet daily will help quite a bit. You’ll pick up that dead fur with a brush before it gets stuck to everything. You may want to wear an apron for this. If your dog is a heavy shedder, take him outside for these sessions, so the fur just blows away.


Ever wonder why it’s called fur niture? Removable slipcovers are very helpful at keeping pet hair off your upholstered pieces. Choose machine-washable things that are easy to get on and off.


We recommend vacuuming daily during shedding season. You don’t have to do the entire house every day, but try to at least get the high-traffic areas and your pet’s favorite spots. You may also want to get a steam cleaner. These are great for dealing with both fur and messes.

Air Filters

Remember to change your air filters! This will help with that hair, dust, and dander that just ends up floating around. It will also improve your air quality, which will be particularly beneficial for anyone with allergies.

Hairball Preventatives

Our feline friends are at increased risk of getting hairballs at this time of year. These are no more fun for Fluffy than they are for you! Ask your vet to recommend a good hairball preventative.

Parasite Control

As the weather warms up, fleas, ticks, and other parasites will return full force. Make sure that your furry buddy is up to date on their parasite control products!

Fur Busting

Many pets are very diligent about leaving the proper amount of fur on their humans’ things. You can use a squeegee, damp sponge, rubber dish gloves, or a dryer sheet to remove pet fur from your furniture.

Clothing Help

It’s not a bad to keep a lint roller (or ten) on hand at this time of year. You’ll also want to pick clothes that don’t attract fur. Denim, silk, and polyester blends are all good choices.

Please reach out to us, your local Fox Lake, IL vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!