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5 Ways to Protect Your Pet From Ticks

April 1 2020

With summer around the corner, it’s time to talk about parasite control. Fleas and ticks aren’t just disgusting nuisances: they can transmit other parasites, and can also carry some pretty nasty diseases. Unfortunately, tick populations are on the rise. That means you’ll need to be extra vigilant about protecting both yourself and your furry best friend. Here, a McHenry, IL vet offers discusses protecting pets from ticks.

Parasite Control

First and foremost, keep up with your pet’s parasite control products. Ask your vet for specific advice. You should never double up on products, however. This may expose your furry friend to dangerous levels of pesticides.


Ticks typically lurk in shaded areas and/or in long grasses, waiting for their next victim to pass by. Keep your lawn mowed. You’ll also want to pick up any debris, such as dead branches, and keep your woodpiles neat. If you have hedges, make sure they don’t actually touch your house. Otherwise, you’re just giving ticks easy access! Putting a three-foot gravel border around your property can also help. Many ticks won’t cross these, as they don’t like being exposed.

Daily Checks

Ticks are never fun, but the risk of developing Lyme disease rises drastically if they stay attached for over 24 hours. Get into the habit of checking your furry buddy daily for ticks. Don’t think of this as a chore: just incorporate it into your pet cuddle/hangout time. If you do find a tick, gently remove it with tweezers or a tick popper. Make sure you get the whole thing out! You may want to snap a photo of the tiny monster before you dispose of it. That way, if symptoms appear, you’ll be able to identify it.

Protect Yourself

Ticks have no qualms about moving from people to pets and vice versa. When you go out into fields or wooded areas, take protective measures, such as wearing long sleeves and hats. When you get home, check yourself and your clothing thoroughly.

Keep Critters Out

Many wild animals carry ticks. Take steps to make your property unappealing to them. Pick up fallen produce, and use gates to block access to garden beds. If you have birdfeeders set out, keep them away from the house.

Does your pet need parasite control? Please contact us, your McHenry, IL vet clinic, anytime. We are here to help!