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6 Ways to Keep Fluffy Out of the Tree

December 15 2020

Happy Holidays! At this time of year, many of our patients are watching their humans decorate, wrap gifts, and prepare those yummy seasonal treats. Over the next few weeks, our feline pals are going to be fixating on those pretty holiday trees. Fluffy has certainly topped a few trees in her day! Read on as a local McHenry, IL vet offers some advice on keeping your furry friend out of the tree.

Decorate Carefully

When you decorate the tree, don’t put anything that could be dangerous or fragile on the lower branches, where your furry pal can reach them. Just hang a few unbreakable ornaments on the bottom part of the tree. Most of the decorations, including tinsel, lights, and anything fragile, should go on the top two-thirds.

Choose The Right Spot

Keep Fluffy in mind when deciding where to put the tree. Don’t put it beside a desk or sofa, or anything else that would give your frisky pet easy access.

Bribe The Furball

If Fluffy won’t leave the tree alone, try, well, bribing her. Give your furry little ball of mischief some new toys, and take time to play with her every day. The point is for your frisky feline to satisfy her playful streak on a toy, rather than by attacking the tree.


Another thing you can do is secure the top of the tree to the wall or ceiling. Fishing line is a good option, as it won’t show. This isn’t a complete failsafe, but it will give the tree some extra support.

Go Artificial

Cats can easily climb many real trees. After all, Fluffy’s claws are curved in a way that makes it easy for her to scale things. However, your feline buddy won’t find it very easy to climb an artificial tree. This is also a good money saver, as you’ll be able to reuse it.


As you can probably guess, training your frisky little pet may be easier said than done. That said, kitties can learn what is and is not allowed. If you see Fluffy near the tree, clap your hands or bang two pots together. Chances are, she’ll run away to reconsider things from a quieter spot.

Happy Holidays! As your local McHenry, IL animal clinic, we are dedicated to offering great care. Please feel free to contact us anytime!