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Keep Your Pet Bird in Tip-Top Health

March 1 2015

Your freshly adopted parrotlet Sunshine thinks she just hit the jackpot. You found this cheery avian companion through a regional bird rescue group, and you were totally entranced by her brilliant feathers and sparkling personality. You’ve already planned to pamper this deserving girl, beginning with a complete physical exam at your McHenry pet clinic. You’ll also ask the vet for expert advice on Sunshine’s habitat, nutritional, and socialization requirements.

Spacious, Spotless Enclosure

Give Sunshine a roomy enclosure that measures almost three times her wingspan’s width and depth. Since this busy bird will probably gnaw on her cage latch and bars, regularly check for structural damage. If you find a weak spot, replace the cage so your avian Houdini can’t escape.

Keep your bird’s cage squeaky clean, and give her fresh water at least twice daily. Provide mental stimulation with numerous brightly colored toys, including treat puzzles that make her expend energy for her tasty snacks. Rotate her playthings so she doesn’t become bored.

Targeted Nutrition

Surprisingly, all birds don’t consume the same diet. For example, Sunshine has different requirements than a cockatiel or macaw; and she might experience nutrition or health issues if she regularly ate those foods. Also, while your bird would prefer to nosh on seeds all day, her nutritional pellets are a better bet. The pellets should ideally comprise almost 80 percent of her daily calories.

Naturally, she’d also like some variety in her daily menu. Consider mixing some bite-sized fresh veggies with her pellets; and ask the vet if fruit bits are also permitted. Don’t ever give Sunshine – or any other bird – toxic foods such as onions, garlic, pasta, chocolate, or rice.

Social Interactions

Since your family makes up Sunshine’s social circle, include her in many fun indoor activities. Position her cage in a safe, highly visible spot where she can monitor everyone’s movements. Interact with her as often as possible, and watch her bathe and preen herself as well. Ask your vet to suggest training exercises that will challenge your bird’s mind and make her family bond stronger.

During Sunshine’s time with your family, she’ll regularly visit your McHenry, IL pet clinic for routine physical checkups. The vet can also address medical, socialization, or behavioral issues that might occur. If you’d like expert assistance with your pet bird’s care, call us for an appointment.