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Highlights of Your Dog’s Dental Cleaning Appointment

February 15 2015

Your terrier mix Buster is a very social pooch. Besides his twice-daily neighborhood walks, this rambunctious canine enjoys regular dog park visits and play dates with his best buddies. Quite frankly, he’s entirely too busy to manage his health care, so he has asked you for help. Buster is especially in need of a good dental cleaning, as his choppers are looking slightly yellow. Tomorrow, your Fox Lake veterinarian will give your canine companion a thorough dental exam before getting his teeth squeaky clean.

Schedule-Friendly Appointment

You can easily fit Buster’s dental cleaning into your regular schedule. That morning, you’ll take him to the clinic shortly after opening time. He’ll receive his complete dental exam and cleaning during the day. You’ll pick up your happily smiling dog, and his cleaner choppers, later that afternoon.

Essential Pre-Cleaning Exam

Before the procedure, the vet will review your dog’s dental records. He’ll also give your pooch’s gums and teeth a thorough checkup. Hopefully, Buster’s teeth will only display some plaque and tartar buildup. He might also show bone loss or gingivitis around one or more teeth. If so, he’ll get a standard dental cleaning.

If the vet finds red flags, he’ll speak with you before addressing them. Also, since your dog receives anesthesia for the procedure, the vet wants a good picture of his overall health. To obtain that information, the vet will request pre-cleaning blood work.

Complete Cleaning and Polishing

During the cleaning, Buster will snooze comfortably under anesthesia while the vet completes his tasks. A veterinary technician will monitor your dog’s vital signs.

The vet will examine your dog’s gums, requesting x-rays for suspected trouble spots. Next, he’ll scrub your pooch’s teeth, ridding them of harmful plaque and tartar with dental scalers. To discourage debris buildup, your canine housemate will receive a nice tooth polish that smooths out his tooth surfaces. Afterward, he’ll recline comfortably in his kennel until you retrieve him.

Important Home Dental Care

Since you want Buster’s teeth to remain clean, your Fox Lake veterinarian will teach you how to safely brush your pooch’s choppers. Ask if dental chews and a dental rinse might also help.

Through regular checkups and dental cleanings, plus consistent tooth brushings, Buster’s mouth will continue to stay in good shape. To help your dog achieve better dental health, call us for an appointment.

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