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Give Your Pocket Pet a First-Class Habitat

February 1 2015

You’ve finally decided to add a pocket pet to your family. While you’ve shared your home with several cats and dogs, your new hamster Eddie is an entirely different animal. After consulting with your McHenry vet, you created a well-appointed multi-level habitat any proper hamster would love. Gerbils and pet rats might also appreciate their new digs; however, guinea pigs would stick to the ground floor. Once your new pet receives a thorough physical exam, he’ll be ready to enjoy his cushy new lifestyle.

Roomy Enclosure

Eddie’s spacious glass aquarium will give him lots of roaming room; and you’ll also find it easy to clean. A heavy-duty plastic enclosure would also work. You’ve securely attached a mesh screen to one side of his cage, as this ventilation keeps him from getting gassed by his urine-based ammonia fumes. Remember, if you don’t make the screen hamster-proof, your resourceful little rodent will escape into the rest of your house.

Comfy Home Furnishings

Eddie and his cousins love to navigate through challenging tubes and tunnels. He’d also like the option to retreat into a small “hide box” that provides him with some peace in your busy home. Although you can purchase tubes, tunnels, and hide boxes at pet stores, paper towel and wrapping paper rolls will also intrigue your adventurous pet. While shredding the cardboard is harmless, don’t let your ravenous rodent eat it.

Properly Sized Exercise Wheel

Every nicely equipped pocket pet habitat features an enticing exercise wheel. Make sure Eddie’s wheel is sized for his body’s dimensions. If the wheel is too large, he might trap and injure his tiny feet. If it’s too small, he won’t see many benefits from using it.

Cozy, Hygienic Bedding

You want Eddie to burrow deep into his soft, inviting bedding. A paper-based product is preferable; however, oak, aspen, or pine wood shavings are also acceptable. Don’t use cedar, as it can lead to respiratory problems. Change the bedding often to prevent mold growth and ammonia fumes buildup. Keep spare bedding in sturdy bins in your house. Avoid storing bedding in your garage or shed, as wild rodents can easily chew their way into your containers.

Take Eddie to your local vet in Fox Lake, IL for regular physical exams. You want your pampered little pet to remain in excellent health so he can enjoy his upscale habitat.