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6 Adorable New Year’s Resolutions From Dogs

January 1 2017

Are you making resolutions this year? The start of a brand new year is a great time to revisit our personal priorities, and set new goals for the coming 12 months. If you have a dog, Fido will of course be right there with you as you make your resolutions. But if your canine buddy could make his own resolutions, what do you think they would be? A McHenry, IL vet lists some cute possibilities below.

Defeat The Vacuum Cleaner

As far as Fido is concerned, the vacuum cleaner is a big, scary robot that wants to destroy everything. Offer your furry buddy a treat once you’ve finished vacuuming.

Go For More Car Rides

Does your furry pal jump for joy when you tell him it’s time for a car ride? This little happy dance can be super cute! Just be sure to put your dog’s safety first. Keep Fido crated for travel: it’s much too dangerous for him to be loose in the car.

Master Begging Skills

Fido is pretty good at getting us to fork over yummy snacks, but he may want to improve his acting skills even more in the coming months. Don’t give in: begging is bad doggy manners, and it’s one of the main reasons so many pooches are overweight.

Avoid Baths At All Costs

Does your pup bolt for his favorite hiding spot when he hears the word Bath? Keeping Fido clean and well-groomed is very important to his health and well-being. Your cute pet may not see it that way, however. To help your dog overcome his dislike of bath time, make a habit of calling him into the bathroom, giving him a treat, and letting him go.

Run! Jump! Pounce!

Fido is super cute when he is feeling frisky! Playing is actually great for dogs: it offers them beneficial mental stimulation, beats the bored-doggy blues, and gets them moving. Indulge your pet’s adorable playtime requests!

Get Petted More

Dogs have some pretty adorable ways of getting our attention. Your pooch may nudge your head with his head when he wants ear scritches, or flop over in front of you to request belly rubs. Fido may very well want even more attention in 2017!

Our Advice on New Year’s Resolutions From Dogs шт 2024

How might dogs perceive and react to the vacuum cleaner, and what is a suggested way to make them feel better about it?

Dogs often perceive vacuum cleaners as loud and intimidating threats due to their sensitive hearing and instinctual fear of unfamiliar, noisy objects. This can trigger a fight or flight response, leading to behaviors like barking, hiding, or chasing the vacuum. To help dogs feel more comfortable, gradually acclimatize them to the vacuum’s presence and sound. Start by having the vacuum off and nearby, rewarding calm behavior with treats. Increase progressive exposure, eventually turning the vacuum on while offering positive reinforcement. This method can reduce anxiety and build a more positive association with the vacuum cleaner.

Why is it important for dogs to be safely contained during car rides, and how does this relate to their enjoyment of car rides?

Ensuring dogs are safely contained during car rides is crucial for their safety and the safety of all vehicle occupants. Unrestrained dogs can become projectiles in the event of a sudden stop or accident, leading to severe injury or worse for the dog and passengers. Proper containment, such as using a crash-tested crate or safety harness, minimizes these risks. Additionally, when dogs feel secure and stable, their stress levels decrease, making the car ride more enjoyable. Safety measures also prevent distractions to the driver, contributing to a safer travel environment for everyone.

How do dogs typically react to bath time, and what can owners do to make the experience more positive for them?

Dogs often react to bath time with apprehension or anxiety, primarily due to unfamiliar sensations and sounds. To create a positive bathing experience, it’s essential to acclimate dogs to the process gradually. Start by introducing them to the tub or bathing area without water, using treats and praise to build positive associations. Slowly incorporate lukewarm water, ensuring to avoid the face at first. Consistently using a soothing tone, offering treats, and gentle petting can help reinforce a calm environment. Ensuring a comfortable water temperature and using non-slip mats are crucial for a stress-free dog bath.

What benefits does playing offer dogs, and how should owners encourage this behavior?

Playing offers numerous benefits for dogs, including physical exercise, mental stimulation, and strengthening the bond between dogs and their owners. It helps alleviate boredom, reduce anxiety, and prevent behavior problems. To encourage play, owners should engage in various activities that cater to their dog’s interests and instincts, such as fetch, tug-of-war, and puzzle toys. It’s important to choose age-appropriate and safe toys and to vary the activities to keep them engaging. Regular, interactive play sessions keep dogs healthy and happy and reinforce training and socialization skills.

In what ways do dogs seek attention for petting, and how might they want this to change in the new year?

Dogs seek attention for petting through behaviors such as nudging with their nose, pawing, placing their head on your lap, or even lying close to you to signal their desire for interaction. In the new year, dogs might wish for more consistent and diverse forms of affection. This could include longer petting sessions, more cuddle time, and incorporating different types of physical touch like gentle brushing or massage, which can enhance their emotional well-being and deepen their bond with their owners. Recognizing and responding to these cues positively can fulfill their need for attention and affection.

Happy New Year! Please contact us, your McHenry, IL vet hospital, for all your pet’s veterinary care needs in 2024 and beyond.