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Saving Money on Your Pet’s Care

March 1 2016

Let’s face facts—most of us would love to save a little money here and there when it comes to our pets. Of course, we want to do this without neglecting our animal companions’ health or safety in the least! Below, your McHenry, IL vet tells you how to go about saving yourself some cash without sacrificing your pet’s well-being.

Spaying and Neutering

Spaying and neutering avoids the trouble and cost of an unwanted litter, but it also provides other money-saving benefits. Pets who are spayed or neutered are far less likely to develop genital cancers, breast and prostate cancers, or experience certain health issues like urinary tract infections. These problems will be costly and worrisome to deal with down the road, so avoid them initially; have your pet spayed or neutered early on in their life.

Preventative Medicine

Preventative medicine is the best way to—hence the name—prevent issues before they take hold, saving you money and heartache. Make sure your pet has all of the necessary vaccinations and is on seasonal or year-round pest preventives to protect against fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and worms. If your pet needs these health measures, contact your vet’s office as soon as possible.

Grooming at Home

Unless your pet has specialized grooming requirements because of the length of the coat, their particular type of fur, or an existing medical issue, you can save yourself a bit of money by doing most of your pet’s grooming at home. All you’ll need is a pet-specific brush, available at retail outlets and pet supply stores. The occasional bath using a specially formulated pet shampoo is also helpful for keeping your pet clean and fresh.

Proper Portion Size

Don’t overfeed your pet—not only are you wasting money by using up more food more often, you’re contributing to the possibility of obesity in your animal companion. Obesity is a very common problem in today’s domesticated pets, and it will only require time, effort, and more money to correct later.

Skip the Extras

Keep in mind that your pet doesn’t really care if they’re wearing a name-brand pet perfume or article of clothing. Extras like these may make fun gifts during the holidays, but don’t overdo them; you’re only wasting money!

Would you like even more tips on keeping your pet safe and healthy without destroying your wallet? Give your vet in McHenry, IL a call today.