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Things Cats Just Can’t Resist

March 15 2016

If you have a cat, you’ve likely noticed that kitties can be rather opinionated little furballs. While our feline friends certainly do all have their own likes and dislikes, they often do share some similar tastes. Read on as a local McHenry, IL vet lists some things that cats just can’t resist.


We suspect that boxes rank pretty high on the list of Fluffy’s favorite things. Actually, many of our feline friends are completely obsessed with boxes. If you set an empty box down on the floor, you’ll probably find that the box won’t stay empty very long.


Chances are, if your furball has access to a sunbeam, you’ll find her there quite often, dozing and recharging her batteries. This can be a great life lesson from our feline pals: take time to soak up some sun!

Small Items

Have you ever noticed your frisky pet smacking small objects off coffee tables or end tables with her paw? We’re not sure why kitties do this, but many of our feline buddies just can’t resist it! Whether it’s a pen, bottle cap, remote, or even a cell phone, Fluffy just can’t seem to stop herself from knocking things onto the floor.

Warm Laundry

If you put a basket of fresh laundry down on the floor and walk away, you may very well find your feline friend curled up inside it when you come back. Maybe Fluffy thinks your clothes don’t look right without a bit of cat fur on them.


Kitties are quite curious! Fluffy won’t hesitate to check out any open closets or cupboards, or try to find out what’s in the box you brought home.


Have you ever found your furball hopping into your suitcase when you’re trying to pack or unpack? If so, you’re certainly not alone! Maybe Fluffy just wants to make sure you don’t forget the most important thing … her! (Tip: an old suitcase can make a great kitty bed!)

Comfy Spots

Given that Fluffy spends most of her time sleeping, it’s probably no surprise that she’s always looking for new places to snooze. Whether it’s a spot on the couch, a folded blanket, a pillow, or your lap, kitties just can’t resist comfy napping spots!

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